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small banquette, white wooden bench with beige cushion, white wooden plank, white chade, interesting pendant, white wooden square table, wooden floor Avionale Design

Small Banquette, White Wooden Bench, Green Cushion, Green Pillow, White Small Pendant, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Table
Small Banquette, White Wooden Bench With Blue Cushion, Window, White Wall, Shade, Silver Round Penant, Wooden Table
Small Banquette, Brown Wooden Bench With High Back, Red Cushion, Floating Brown Woden, Brown Wooden Window
Small Banquette, Woden Floor, White Bench, White Wainscoting, Green Cushion, White Wall, Wooden Shelves Above The Nook
Small Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Built In Bench, Black Table, White Pendant, White Wall, Grey Cushion
Small Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bench With Grey Velvet Cushion, White Wall, White Pednant, Wooden Table
Small Banquette, White Wooden Bench With Beige Cushion, White Wooden Plank, White Chade, Interesting Pendant, White Wooden Square Table, Wooden Floor
Small Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bench With Green Cushion Seating And Back, Wooden Table, Rattan Shade, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Pendant
Small Banquette, Dark Wooden Floor, White Bench Along The Window, Rectangular Table, Blue Patterned Cushion, Pillows
Small Banquette, White Built In Bench, Blue Cushione, Wooden Table, White Covered Chandelier, Flowery Patterned Shade, Built In Shelves

With small space, you would need to be smart in arrange your space so that you get what you need without forgetting that the space should be a beautiful sight where you would always love to see. These ones here show what you can do with your small space in the kitchen. With small space, you would want to have glass windows in all your room and, with the windows, you can add an interesting small banquette. These below are ten banquettes with modern styles, which are relatable styles when you don’t want your room to look cramped.

Patterned Cushion
This modern banquette is built in the space by the window with rigid rectangular and symmetrical bench. With the window in this positioned, everyone in the bench will be able to see outside easily. Finished with silver glints on pendant, this nook looks so modern.

Along the Wall
If you think you need to create even more seating, you can make built-in bench along the window like this one here. The white painted bench creates tidy and modern look while the patterned cushion brings an interesting accent.

Beach Nook
A fresh look would look lovely in small nook. This one here uses white plank for the wall that will remind you of a beach house. With neutral cushion and striped pillows by the window, this one looks so refreshing.

Classic Wood
Looking for something modern yet classic at the same time? This look can give it to you. With dark brown wooden bench with high back that matches the window an table, this look is rich and elegant in its simplicity.

Small Nook
In this small space, the banquette is even smaller than usual. With only one seat in each side, this one here create a really simple and fresh look with even small pendant above.

Hanging Shelves
This modern white nook with green cushion has an interesting decoration. The pendant above looks like a hanging shelves with bottles stored there. This final touch clashes the modern vibe under and makes an interesting look.

Turquoise Cushion
While an interesting touch can create an interesting look, this one here uses quite bold color. With turquoise seating, the nook can look bold in its modern style.

Neutral Look
It is understandable when a small space has mostly white space. It brings tidier and more spacious feeling. Combined with grey cushion and black table, the space looks harmonized in neutral look.

Simple in House
This simple look is so easy to copy. With symmetrical bench built-in near the window and some velvety cushion that looks neutral, the look is easy to catch. The covered pendant brings homey feeling to the spot.

Cozy and Shabby
This shabby look is so endearing it brings a comfortable feeling just by looking at it. The covered chandelier and flowery patterned shade creates even more comfortable look to this spot.

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