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bar cupboard withbottle shelves, marble counter top with sink Sutro Architects

Small Bar With Stone Block Arranged In A Post, Modern Silver Pendants, Dark Cabinet With Brown Wooden Counter Top, Silver Sink
Two Tier Round Clear Glass Table For Bar
A Nook In The White Wooden Wall With Glass Shelves And Brown Wooden Counter
Transitional Bar With Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top Near Sink
Small Bar Nook In Homes With Pretty Wallpaper, Light Colored Wood Cabinet, White Marble Top With Golden Sink, Wooden Flooring
Bar Cupboard Withbottle Shelves, Marble Counter Top With Sink
Small Bar With Wooden Table With Clear Glass Top, Built In Shelves, Metal Stools
Small Nook For Bar In White Top With White Wooden Cabinet Under, Sink, A Mirror With Golden Frame Against The Wall
A Brown Wooden Built In Shelves With White Marble Bar Counter Top, Glass Shelves On Top And Wooden Cabinet Under
Small Bar In The Kitchen Cabinet With Black Marble Top, Glass Shelves On Top

Bar is not something primary in a house so that it is understandable that when you build your home, you do not think of it as an important need. However, when everything is settled, having a bar to store your own liquor often times become something you think you need. If that is so, you can remodel your home or simply add a bar in your home. It doesn’t need to be big. It can be small as long as it can keep your liquor and glass safe. Below are some ideas on how to get a bar in your home, from the simplest.

A Nice Corner in Your Home

When you want a bar and you have the space to make your wish come true, you can make a real bar like this one. You can have the cabinets to store the bottles, the bar counter, and the shelves to store the glass. You can even decorate the area with pretty wallpaper.

Bar under the Staircase

When you have to maximize the space that you have, often times, it is space that you haven’t prepared before, some place like under the staircase. You can have a really good space under the stairs. The picture below shows that when you have enough space under the stairs, you can have a bar like this, with high table and the stools too. The liquor bottles can be kept in the next room and served through a hole.

Inside a Cupboard

You don’t have to have a table for a bar. Although it can be a really good thing to have, the bar table is. However, when you only have some space for it, you can take a cupboard for your small bar. With cupboard, you can keep your bottles there too. All you need to do is adding counter top where you can pour the glass.

Under the Archway

If you have a quite large space under the archway, you can take some portion of it to make it into a bar table. This one is really pretty with the wood looking on the countertop and on one of the poles. The pendants are such a beauty to be added here.

Clear Glass Table

This is probably the simplest and easiest bar to have, although it is not an ideal place to keep the bottles. All you need to have is a small two tiers clear glass table to serve the glass and to make the bottles ready to take.

A Nice Nook

With a really nice nook, you can have the counter and a place to save all the liquors too. With a nook or built in cupboard, you will not need to add any furniture to your house.

Transitional Bar

When you want a bar, you will want a counter to pour the liquid to your glass and it is a good thing if you have the cupboard to keep them safe. Instead of building a new place for the bar, you can make use of the kitchen you already have. Near the sink, you can have a cabinet especially made for the liquor. And you will have the counter.

Simple Nice Cabinet

This is another way you can have your bar, by having a nice cabinet especially built for liquors and you can put a nice counter top and a sink.

Built In Cupboard

This is another built in cupboard that makes a really nice bar with its shelves, counter top and of course cabinet under.

In the Middle of the Cupboard

It makes a really nice bar when you have a nook in the cupboard where you can store your bottles and glasses safely.

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