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bathroom, patterned floor, white wall, blue wall, glass partition, round mirror, orange pendant, floating vanity with white top and sink Decoratualma

Bathroom, Marble Floor, Marble Wall, White Floating Toilet, Indented Shelves, White Floating Sink
Bathroom, Black Floor, White Subway Wall, White Tub, Grey Cabinet With White Sink, White Toilet, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor, Grey Marble Wall, White Toilet, White Floating Sink, Glass Partition, Glass Ceiling
Bathroom, Black Marble Floor, Black Marble Wall, Grey Wall, White Toilet, Indented Shelevs
Bathroom, Black Accent Wall, Black Vanity, Black Shower, White Floating Toilet, White Marble Floor
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Floating Cabinet, White Toilet, Large Glass Window
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, White Wall, Blue Wall, Glass Partition, Round Mirror, Orange Pendant, Floating Vanity With White Top And Sink
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, Brown Marble Wall, Glass Partition, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Black Floor, White Subway Tiles, White Toilet, White Cabinet, Grey Marble Top
Bathroom, Light Pink Square Tiles, White Toilet, Glass Partition

When you only have small space for bathroom, you would want to make sure that you have created the most comfortable bathroom. Even with the limited space, anyone deserve to have a nice and comfortable place to clean themselves. If you also have this challenges, here below is a compilation of great small bathrooms that would help you get some insights.

Grey Marble
When you have small space, you would want to create a bright and neutral space. This one successfully combines the two into a beautiful combination. The grey marble floor and wall create a neutral vibe that looks even better under the bright light from the ceiling roof.

White Bathroom
this one creates a neutral ambiance for the small space. The long and narrow space is completed with shower area at the end of the room and toilet and sink along the wall. To make it look bigger, glass window is added on one side of the wall.

Pink Tiles
Simplicity is an essential thing for a bathroom. It helps making the room looks simple and not crowded. And this light pink tiles on the floor and wall create not only simplicity but also classic look.

Deep Black
Black in a small room will not make the room looks crowded. It helps the room to get a nice dimension. This one here adds indented shelves above the toilet and create an even better dimension in the space.

Grey Traditional
This is another neutral look seen in a small bathroom. However, although it is neutral, it offers a warm traditional look with the round sink, classic toilet, and the warm accessories on the toilet and wall.

White and Parted
The one below has a more compact and parted look with real wall separates the shower room. The dark floor makes a bolder and deep look.

Soft Grey
This is another neutral grey vibe that looks amazing in a bathroom. With brown hint, the room looks warm. The addition of indented shelves on the shower and above the toilet helps you store everything you need without making the room too crowded.

Bright and Fresh
This bathroom gives a fresh and bright look with the help of the glass in the window and the partition. The plain wall helps to get an easy yet fresh look too while the patterned wall gives an interesting accent to the bathroom.

Blue White
This bathroom looks pretty even just from the blue and white setting. Looking closer, the white part has interesting part. And the floor gives more interesting accent that combines this white and blue look. Adding contrast pattern on the vanity, the bathroom clearly has put many unique touches.

Dark and Light
Combining dark and light ambiance is also fun. Seen in this one, the dark accent has brought deeper dimension while the light marble brings fresh and bright light. Combined in one place, it creates a unique look.

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