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small bathroom with grey tiles, pink painted wall, white cabinet, white toilet, off white tiles Hayneedle

Small Bathroom With Grey Tiles, Pink Painted Wall, White Cabinet, White Toilet, Off White Tiles
Small Bathroom With White Wooden Panel On The Wall, Grey Paint, White Cabinet With Brown Wooden Top, White Sink, White Toilet, Yellow Curtain And Towel
Small Bathroom With Soft Light Green Painted Wall. White Cabinet, Grey Top, White Wooden Stool With Black Cushion, Mirror, Black Table Lamp
Light Blue Wall Painted Small Bathroom With White Toilet, White Framed Mirror, White Framed Window, Brown Wooden Shelves With White Top
Small Bathroom With White Tiles On Half Bottom Wall, Soft Green Paint On Half Top, White Toilet, Whiteframed Mirror, White Sink Without Cabinet
Small Bathroom With Yellow Painted Wall, White Tiles, White Toilet, White Sink Without Cabinet, Yellow Sconces, White Framed Window, Yellow Curtain
Small Bathroom With Soft Dark Green Painted Wall, White Sink, Brown Wooden Shelves, Mirror, Window, Curtain, White Toilet, Wooden Stool
Small Bathroom With Polkadot Tiles, White Painted Wall, Brown Wooden Shelves On Top Of White Toilet And Laundry Bag, White Sink, Golden Framed Mirror
Small Bathroom With White Floor, Red Wall, White Toilet, White Cabinet With Black Marble Top, White Wooden Framed Mirror, White Sconces
Small Bathroom With Bold Re Painted Wall, White Toilet, Black Cabinet And Top, Silver Framed Mirror, Chandelier, White Framed Window

Small space has always been a challenge to everyone. It needs more creativity to make everything you need is enough in one space without making it too cramped. You will need to choose your furniture more carefully and also choose how the wall will look like. And if you want to just paint it, you come to the right place. We’ll see how small bathroom can beautifully painted without making it too bizarre.


Slight Grey

With small space, not everyone is brave enough to cut the wall in two parts. But, if you like the look of having two tone walls, grey can be a really beautiful choice. And if you have evrything in minimalist colors and you want to put some bright lines, putting bright colors in it in the form of towels or curtain can work well too.


Green Green Wall

This one wall here has been painted in green on all its surface. And that makes the wall goes as a big clean canvas that when some wall accessories are decided to be hang, it still goes beautiful without getting too cramped inside.


Soft Green and White

This one here is similar with the first one, dividing the wall in two tones and textures. And you can see that soft light green is a really beautiful color to be side by side with white. Thus, the other furniture in white is perfect together.


Light Green 

While the previous one has used dark green, this one wear light green on the wall and it turns really pretty. With white furniture and black tints here and there, this room look bright, cheerful, and airy.


Sheer Blue 

This one here uses very light blue for the textured wall in the small bathroom. And, just like the others, this one too has agreed so well with the white colored furniture. It blends really well. Although, if you like to give some volume to the colors, bringing another colors to the view is good too.


Merry in Small

When you have really small space, and you need everything to be ready at the touch of your hand, you will want any toilet supplies inside. And that’s when white painted wall sounds really appealing, especially if you love to make everything is seen.


Pink Whisper

Next one is pink. Pink has been associated with sweet, cute, charms, and tenderness. And that’s mostly what you get when you decorated with pink, especially a soft one like this. And that is one of the best thing you can do to make your small room works. With its tenderness comes calm and therefore the room is less cramped.


Dark Red

This one here is on the contrary of all the previous ones. While the previous ones are in light and soft colored wall, this one here is bold and brave. Even the cabinet and the sink and top are on black marble. But of course, this one does not look cramped. On the contrary, it creates more depths.


Bright Red 

Another red with another intensity. If the previous one is dark, this one here is brighter and gives more brave feeling. The rest of the furniture are in white and black and it brings balance to the room.


Juicy Yellow

This one is another bright and cheerful tone: yellow. With yellow, small rooms will look brighter. And even though it’s not calm, it still brings more light to the room.

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