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black square sink, thin gold modern faucet, brown wood vanity, grey cabinet, gold frame mirror Lux Design

Wood Cabinet, Silver Bowl Sink, Steel Faucet, Silver Framed Mirror, Two Sconces
Brown Marble Square Sink, Silver Faucet, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror
White Blurred Glass Cone Sink, Steel Faucet, Dark Wood Table
Black Square Sink, Thin Gold Modern Faucet, Brown Wood Vanity, Grey Cabinet, Gold Frame Mirror
Silver Bowl Vessel Sink, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Marble Back, Still Faucet
Twin White Sink With Dark Wood Vanities And Cabinet, Mirror
Blue Metallic Dark Wood Vanity With Dark Cabinet, Shagreen Faucet, Onyx Vessel Sink
Brown Marble Cone Sink With Brown Marble Vanity And Dark Brown Wooden Cabinet
Copper Glass Bowl Sink, Brown Marble Vanity, Dark Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror
Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Top, Brown Bowl Sink, Brown Wooden Framed Round Mirror

If you have a small space left and you still want to make it useful, you can try having bathroom. If you think you have too small space for bathroom and you want to have more spacious room, rather than a bathroom, you can try having half bathroom instead. Having beautiful bathroom can be achieved even if you have only small spaces in your home, even if you only can concentrate on the sinks and toilet. Here are some ideas of vanities of half bathroom that you can try.

Brown Cone Sink

In this picture, the cabinet is in dark wood to balance the nude color of the wall and marble cone sink that also matches the marble counter top. The faucet is simply in steel.

Black and White

In this room, you can see there are twin vanities that are beautiful. The sink is in white and the steel faucet complements the set. The vanities are in dark wood. There are two sconces in both side and there is a dark wood shelf in the middle. This is simple but beautiful.

Nude Color

This one is minimalist yet so beautiful. The wall where the round wooden mirror is placed at is from stones beautifully placed. The sink is in wood brown color marble shaped like bowl. The simple brown cabinet is sleek, complemented with white marble top.

Small Vanities

This one has unique and elegant on the design and color. With dark wood cabinet and mirror, the marble balances with light brown marble and copper sink with faucet with the same color.

Royal Small Vanities

If you attempt for really beautiful classic vanities, you can try this look. Many people said small room should be painted with white or neutral color, but with darker color, the room has its own depth. And in this bathroom, it clearly has the depth also in the sink. The golden elegant mirror brings the room with line of elegant, complemented with yellow sconces.

Silvery Blue

The room is so gorgeous with the silvery blue painted wall. The cabinet also gives the same characteristic. And the most gorgeous thing in the vanities is probably the onyx bowl sink that looks like broken egg.

Beautiful Brown Vanity

This one is really beautiful. The placement of the mirror, the sink, the two pendant lamps, and also the cabinet is perfect. Everything is so balanced and the color is also matches with the other one.

The Silver on Red

The color contrast in this bathroom is so beautiful. The red wall and the red rose on the curtain and accessories are so bright. The white cabinet and counter top are making the red redder, or quite contrary, the red makes them whiter. The silver bowl is so pretty and the shape of the faucet is also beautiful.

Elegant Antiques in the Bathroom

This one is really elegant from the wall color, the chandelier and sconces, the cabinet, the mirror, and the white bronze sink. The mirror frame and the sink are in match and the white marble cabinet brings out the color even better.

Golden Shimmer

The stone in the wall brings out golden shimmer to the room. The white sink is neatly placed on top of wood slab. Without cabinet, this rustic room is simple and neat.

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