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small hexagonal tub in a large bathroom Ancora

White Classic Tub With Claw
White Square Tub
Small Tub With Grey Tiles Around It
Small Standing Tub With Curtains
Simple White Small Bahtub In A White Large Bathroom
Small High Wooden Tub
A Lone White Small Standing Bathtub Near The Window
White Small Square Bathtubs
White Small Tub Near The Window
Small Hexagonal Tub In A Large Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, you will have to compromise with the size of the furniture you want to put inside. You will need to consider which kind of bathtub, for instance, that you put inside your bathroom. Although you can do whatever you like, it is safe to say that a small bathtub will be more comfortable to put in a small bathroom. The space you save will be larger. And small bathtubs have its own character that looks good in a small bathroom or large bathroom. Small bathroom doesn’t mean that you cannot lay back relax when you take a bath or when you have a really long day.

White Rectangular Tub

This one is really simple. The size is small and the shape is squarely compact.  It is so easy to save your space when you have this tub in your bathroom. All you need is a space in the corner.

Small Tub with Curtain

If you love something more feminine and romantic this small tub is probably the answer of your search. With its round end, this small tub gives comfort for you to put your back against the end. And if you think you want to have a shower, you can close the curtain and have your shower safely inside the shower area, the tub itself.

Built In Small Bathtub

This one is a small and another rectangular tub that is built in under the grey tiles that can offers your head a place to lay back. If you want to straighten you legs, you can put your legs higher that will be good for your blood circulation.

Small Tub near the Window

If you are afraid that you tub will make you feel suffocated, you can put it near the window so that you will have larger view to your surroundings. And if you like to watch TV, you can put TV against the wall so that you can enjoy your bath with enough entertainment.

A Lone Standing Tub

If you love to have all the space around you as much as possible, you will love this idea. Even though the tub is small, the surrounding is really vast. The window is large with clear view to the next village. With this open surrounding, the smaller the tub is the better so that you will not feel too exposed.

Small High Tub

With all the small tub that has been talked, this one is extremely small. The width is quite small. But it’s high so that the water can run deep down your body.

Small Hexagonal Tub

This is another exquisite tub with hexagonal shape. Even though the space in the bathroom is quite large, but this small tub is the choice that the owner made. With this small bathtub, the bathroom looks even larger.

White Simple Small Tub

This is another bathroom with small bathtub. The lonely bathtub makes the bathroom feels large and airier.

White Square Tub

This one is really simple both in the color, in white, and in the shape, in square. This simple tub will look good in a small room that needs simplest furniture in it.

Small Tub Clawed

This one is a beautiful classic small tub that will look so good in your small bathroom. The design is classy and feminine. The round end of the tub will make laying back more comfortable.

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