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breakfast nook, wooden floor, wooden chairs with rattan seat, white round table, pink velvet sofa Instagram - Baba Souk

Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, Red Patterned Rug, Acrylic Chairs, Green Sofa, Patterned Pendant
Breakfast Nook, White Green Striped Sofa, Colorful Stool With Golden Legs, Green Cushioned Stool, White Pink Tulip Table
Breakfast, Wooden Floor, Pink Patterned Rug, White Marble Round Table, Pink Velvet Chairs
Dining Set, Grey Floor Tiles, White Built In Table, White Square Stools, Green Shelves, Patterned Curtain
Breakfast Nook, Black Floor, White Wall, Peach Tufted Sofa, Acrylic Chairs, White Marble Round Table
Breakfast Nook, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seat, White Round Table, Pink Velvet Sofa
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, Golden Lined Chairs With White Cushion, White Wall, Pink Doors, White Pendants, Black Cabinet
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Round Table, Modern Chairs With Striped Cushion
Dining Set, White Tiny Floor Tiles, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Wall, White Built In Bench, Orange Chairs
Dining Set, Wooden Floor, Blue Round Rug, Green Chairs, Pendant, White Round Table

In the morning, you would like to get some quick breakfast before you start your day. When you eat breakfast, you would love to sit and enjoy your early time in a fresh seat. Some would want to eat breakfast in a really simple set, some would want to eat breakfast comfortably too. If you are looking for some fresh and light breakfast dine set, you would love to see some ideas below.

Fresh Green
This dining set is easy and fresh. It is comprised of white round table and green chairs. With round blue rug and pendant, this setting is simple yet fresh. Positioned near the source of fresh air, this dining set would be perfect for breakfast.

Breakfast Corner
Enjoying breakfast can be quick. You might need just a small table to enjoy your early food. This one here puts the modern and warm set in the corner and make a nice corner breakfast spot with striped accent.

Sunrise Spot
This breakfast nook makes a fresh and nice spot. The white cabinet and white round table makes a fresh look. The white color itself has brought bright look. Putting next to the window, the breakfast nook looks even brighter and fresh, especially with orange accents. This would be a perfect setting for breakfast.

Minimalist Breakfast Corner
This one here puts minimalist breakfast corner in a nice and pretty look. The white built-in table can be closed and the space can be saved even better. This set is completed by white stools with precise corner that looks just perfect in this corner.

Colorful Setting
This breakfast nook is special. The colorful furniture makes the nook looks really cheerful and fun. The striped sofa, the colorful patterned stools, the green stool and the white tulip table with pink round pattern looks energizing that would be great to wake you up.

Light Peach
Another fresh dining set is seen in this one. The fun peach sofa is completed by acrylic chairs and white marble round table. This acrylic and white round table gives light and fresh look along with plants in the corner.

Golden Pink
This light and modern dining set looks so pretty. The golden lines on the chairs make an energizing vibe that looks great along with the pink doors at front. The white cushion on the chairs are matched with the white golden pendants above.

Light and Fresh Nook
This breakfast nook would be an elegant dining place in the morning. If you love something elegant and classy, this elegant green sofa would be the perfect place for you to have your breakfast. Combined with white gold table and acrylic chairs, this set looks even more graceful.

Sweet and Warm
This warm breakfast set brings out sweet ambiance with pink velvet sofa and pink pattern rug. It makes the corner looks inviting and waking you up smoothly.

Simple Pink
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses pink velvet chairs that makes the space sweet and charming, along with the pink rug.

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