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small closet, wooden floor, white shelves, white cabinet, rod Home DBS

Small Closet, Wooden Floor, White Shelves, White Cabinet, Rod
Small Closet, Wooden Floor, White Shelves, Rod, Glass Partition, White Rug, White Bedding
Small Closet, Brown Curtain, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Black Shelves, Rod, Chandelier,
Small Closet, Brown Rug, White Nook With Rod, Brown Wooden Drawers
Small Closet, Brown Floor, White Sliding Wooden Door, White Shelves, Row
Small Closet, Cream Floor, Light Grey Cabinet, Rod, Shelves
Small Closet, White Shelves, White Nook With Rod, Rattan Baskets
Small Closet, White Cabinet, White Shelves, Mirror, Long Rack
Small Closet, White Nook, Shelves, Rod, Blue Curtain, Wooden Flor, White Luncheon, Brown And White Bed, Grey Rug, Rattan Curtain
Small Closet, White Shelves, Rod, Woden Floor

If you have lots of clothes, you will want to have your own space to store everything tidily. Having closet can be essential but if you have only limited space for it, it can be tricky and challenging. But, these storage below show the perfect way to store clothes while also making it look beautiful. If you are looking for some ideas before you choose the setting for your own closet, these below are some great inspirations to start with.

Children’s Closet
This one here puts a really interesting walking closet for children. The setting on the wall is with white shelves, white drawers and rod on the other side of the wall. This allows storage to stack and hang the clothes and shoes.

Narrow Path
Because of the small and limited space, narrow closet is sensible. To make it less crowded, decorating it with a natural color in the entire room will help make the room feels larger. With light neutral color, the room will get not only larger but also bright.

Modern Closet
Modern look is always simple and light and that makes it perfect for a small room. In this one small closet, the neutral white and brown wooden look makes a very nice and light look. The crisp practical setting is perfect.

Simple Storage
This one also gives simplicity at its use. The small nook is added with shelves in the middle and on the nooks beside, rod helps to hang the clothes. With only curtain, the closet look light and airy.

Closed by the Curtain
This one here uses one side of the wall to create a nice and tidy storage. With rod on the ceiling, this storage is easily separated from the bedroom by blue curtain. The use of similar curtain on the storage and on the window make the room looks dramatic and not crowded.

Small yet Elegant
This one also makes a simple closet on the side of the wall. With brown curtain, this setting can actually look elegant. The wall is only added with black floating shelves and rolling rod. The rich brown curtain matches the chandelier on the ceiling.

Behind the Glass
This one here puts an easy look. With white shelves and rod in the middle of the shelves, the closet feels just perfectly tidy. The neutral colors picked to decorate helps it to create modern and minimalist look.

Small Built-In Closet
This one here puts a small space to a useful closet. With white shelves and rod, this small nook will be able to hold clothes.

Large Ability
This on here puts many shelves and rod that although it is small, it can hold large amount of storage. And that is what is important about storage, isn’t it? The simple setting of the shelves has its own beauty for those who love tidy and orderly setting.

Corner Storage
Using the corner of the room as a place to keep your clothes is a really good idea. The floating shelves puts a great additional storage to the rod and cabinet under.

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