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small coffee table minimalist wooden table grey sofa black leathered armchairs black vase windows indoor plant area rug Green Canopy Homes

Small Coffee Table White Sofa White And Grey Stools Indoor Plant Wall Sconce Tv Cabinet Area Rug Windows Armchair Side Table
Small Coffee Table Glass Chandelier Glass Coffee Table Blue And White Area Rugs White Sofas White Armchairs Silver Side Table
Small Coffee Table Wooden And Iron Shelves Wooden Drawers Grey Tufted Sectional Side Table Curtain Window Colorful Pillows
Small Coffee Table Chandelier Windows Curtains Grey Sofa Armchairs Beige Walls Table Lamp Orchid Throw Pillows Area Rug
Small Coffee Table Pink Tufted Sofa White Chandelier Black And White Striped Curtains White Area Rug Glass Tables Decorations
Small Coffee Table Wooden Sculptural Coffee Table Area Rug Dark Grey Sofa Dark Grey Bench Colorful Pillow Floor Lamp
Small Coffee Table Colorful Throw Pillows White Coffee Table Beige Sodas Wooden Side Table Beige Area Rug Blue Stools
Small Coffee Table Yellow Sofa Colorful Throw Pillow Wooden Floor Black Coffee Table Stools Grey Armchair Floor Lamp
Small Coffee Table White Pedestal Coffee Table Brown Sectional White Shag Rug Leathered Armchair Table Lamps Wallpaper
Small Coffee Table Minimalist Wooden Table Grey Sofa Black Leathered Armchairs Black Vase Windows Indoor Plant Area Rug

A coffee table is one of the main furniture needs in a living room. It is used to put some drinks and cookies for the guests. It is usually placed with a sofa, some armchairs, or a couch for more comfortable seating. There are many kinds of coffee tables we can get. The favorite coffee table materials are wood and glass. You can also find it in many sizes, a small coffee table to the big one. A small coffee table is a great option if the living room space is limited. But you still can get this for your big living room. The following are some small coffee table ideas that will complete your living room furniture pieces.

Mix and Match

You can mix and match many styles into one eclectic living room. This is a creative way that can create a refreshing and unique look for a room. This living room features a round glass coffee table white couch, an armchair, and ottomans.

Small Coffee Table with Gloss Finishing

This living room is filled with the calming and beautiful neutral schemes that make the accent colors and stylish furnishings can bring a life to this room. A small coffee table with wood material and gloss finishing can be paired with this grey tufted sectional.

The Complete Look

You will definitely notice the colors and different designs used together. In this living room, the small coffee table is placed right in the center of this room. the beaded chandelier above it provides the perfect wow factor to complete the look.

A Living Room with Pop Colors

This living room gets the bright accents from the pop colored throw pillows and ottomans. The use of neutral color sofas and coffee table make this living room more inviting.

A Sculptural Coffee Table

This grouping of four side table stools creates a sculptural coffee table. It can be easily moved or rearranged when necessary. This versatile and unusual coffee table really stands out combined with the grey sofa and bench.

A Chic Small Coffee Table

A pale, beige-pink sofa, a small glass coffee table, and a glass side table really suit this glamorous living room. The glass coffee table has the gold frame and wooden white legs that make it chic.

A Small Coffee Table for A Minimalist Living Room

This living room features the minimalist furniture pieces such as a wooden coffee table, a beige sofa, and two black leathered armchairs.

A Small Coffee Table with Glass material

This trendy living room features a Lucite coffee table that gives the illusion of a floating coffee table. A glass coffee table can avoid visual interruption of the patterned rug.

A Round White Pedestal Coffee Table

Choosing a white coffee table for a dark living room is necessary. It can balance the color schemes while still being cozy.

A Small Black Coffee Table

This small living room features a small black coffee table, a yellow sofa, a stool, and a grey armchair. The curtains have the same color as the armchair.

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