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red orange small curved sofa Houzz

Peach Warm Orange Midecentury Small Curved Sofa
Red Orange Small Curved Sofa
Dark Grey Round Small Curved Sofa With Ottoman
Greyish Purple Midcentury Small Curved Sofa
Small White Traditional Sectional Sofa
Rattan Small Curved Sofa With White Soft Cushion
White Modern Small Curved Sofa With Round Built In Table In The End
White Curved Sofa With Built In Table At The End
Dark Blue Small Curved Sofa With Ottoman
Warm Grey Brown Mohair Mid Century Small Curved Sofa

Having a treat for your home needs to add something for to the eye too. And one of the treats that you can have is adding small curved sofa to your living room. It is not a treat for the expensive prize but for how beautiful it will be to be put in your home. Not only that, the best thing is that you can have 4 to 5 people at once in the sofa and talk together face to face. Are you ready to give your home a treat? Here are some ideas.

White Small Curved Sofa

This one is in the shade of white and as it is a neutral color, it will go really well with your furniture. This will give you warm traditional touch in the living room.

Modern White Curved Sofa

This one is also white but it is in more modern style. The back of the sofa has button adorned that makes it look more stylish to be your hang out place with your friends or family. In the side of the sofa there is a built in table where you can put your drinks, remote control, or snacks.

Blue Chic Curved Sofa

This one is really beautiful. With its blue velvet and sleek finish, the sofa brings the classic feeling with its neat button tufted in the back.

Warm Orange Small Curved Sofa

This one is really stunning with its orange color which does not too bright or too dead in the color. The model itself reminds us in Italian mid century style. With this, you will bring home romantic feeling.

Three Piece Round Sofas in a Curved Sofa

With three piece of modern sofa that shaped perfectly, you can have one curved sofa that serves you the best for your living room. With its round ottoman, it will bring the best out of your living room.

Warm Mohair Mid Century Curved Sofa

For you who love mid century sofa (because look at that flowing shape, it is simply just really pretty), you will love this one. Wrapped in mohair in the shade of grey, it looks not only classic but also elegant.

Grand Grayish Purple Curved Sofa

This one is really charming and grand. This grayish purple sofa is shaped as a curved sofa that has been sensational in 1940s. For you who like to have classic and oldies furniture in your home, you will definitely love this.

Warm Peach Mid Century Curved Sofa

This is similar to what has been mentioned before. However, it’s different in the color which is in warm peach orange. It gives you the idea of ripe peach which will bring you warm and sweet color to your living room.

White Modern Curved Sectional Sofa

When you look at this, you will see that this sofa is not only curved a little, it is almost circular that if you have your family and friends seated here, you can see each other’s expression. It will make your conversation even merrier. And with a table built in one end to put your drinks and snack!

Rattan Curved Sofa

This one is really different from those mentioned before.  With its rattan, you can bring home natural essence and with the white soft cushion you also bring modern feeling. You have it mixed it here.

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