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white round dining table with several chairs, wooden floor, rattan covered pendant, white wall, white cabinet Lucky Think

Black Rectangular Table With Black Modern Chairs, White Floor, White Wall, Black Pendant
Small Round White Dining Table With Brown Modern Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Small Round Dining Table With Grey Velvet Chairs, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Window, Grey Sofa
Small Dining Set With Round Table And Black Seat Wooden Chairs, Wooden Floor, Round Rug, White Wall, Pendant With Large Round Wing
Small Dining Set With Small Square Table, Black Modern Chairs In A Room With White Wall, Patterned Floor
Small Square Dining Table Set With Beige Table With Black Legs, Black Chairs
Sleek Dark Square Dining Table, Black Chair With Acrylic Back, Wooden Floor, Light Beige Wall, Bicycle On The Wall, Window Nook
Small Dining Set With Dark Round Table, White Modern Midcentury Chairs, White Cabinet, Silver Pendant, White Wall
Small Round Wooden Dining Set With Wooden Chairs On A Room With Grey Floor, White Cabinet, White Sofa, White Wall, Long Pendant
White Round Dining Table With Several Chairs, Wooden Floor, Rattan Covered Pendant, White Wall, White Cabinet

In a small apartment, having everything in the right size is important. Sometimes, as it’s too small, it cannot afford a dining place. However, if you’re up for a dining table set, the small, sleek, pretty dining table set can work well too. Here below are some ideas on clean and tidy dining set that can look amazing in a small apartment.

Round Set
A round table set can afford many people as seats can be arranged around the table without any awkward corner. If you love to invite some people around, this can be a great choice, especially when it’s combined with sleek velvet chairs like this one here.

Simple and Neat
A simple dining set can help the room to look too much. This one here depicts quite a simple dining room with nothing too much on the table and chairs. Accompanied with no heavy look black cabinet and fresh plants, the room feels just serene.

Sleek and Tidy
A way of getting a small room looks more airy is by arranging it in the low level of eye sight, like this one here. The low sofa is in line with the low dining set. To make it seems ike taller that it seems, the long pendant is hung from the ceiling to just above the table. With sleek design, it all so effortless and tidy.

Little Orderly
To a casual dining or enjoying coffee and tea, a small round dining table is still a great thing to have. Of course, modern look with wood material is still a favorite look as it has no to much details. Light look is definitely what is needed in a small room. With tidy look, adding huge accessories does not make you feel guilty.

Enough Space
When you live alone or it’s just the two of you, having enough space in the dining table and enough chairs. With sleek and modern look, the space that the set occupied will not look too large.

Contemporary Small
In acquiring light look, sometimes people will just go for uniformed look. Although it will not get the room feel too heavy, sometimes a little “breaking” is fun. And here seen a white round table with several kinds of chairs that although they’re different, with their soft and neutral colors, it is still a safe look.

Modest Modern
As modern look is always closely related to easy and sleek lines that enables the room feels light, it is easily adaptable with small room. This one here has a basic modern midcentury chairs that compatible with the cabinet and wall and such a great balance for the table and silver pendant.

Plainly Neutral
Another thing that looks good on small space is neutral color. It blends perfectly well, especially when the colors used are only two, like this one here. With sleek finish on table and chairs, the white wall and patterned wood floor is a great frame for them.

Dark Touch
White color is always a favorite for small room. However, it does not mean that black or dark color has the least popularity. On the other hand, black is also popular. and combining this light and dark look in contrast has been a practice done so many times.

Acrylic Accent
With rather clear material, acrylic is a great mix in the middle of small room with wooden material all over. It’s fresh and it gives more interesting finish.

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