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fron porst with many plants, small path for walk, grass Pinterest

Front Porch, Purple Flower Plants On Pots And Soil, River Stones, Path
Vine On The Arch Above From The Bottom, Bushes, Plants On Top
Front Porch, Wooden Floor, Grey Marble Floor, Plants On Black Round Pots, Plants On Square Pots, Grass
Farmhouse Front, White Wooden Rail And Posts, Grass, Bushes, Brick Path
Window With Vines, Plants, Plants On Pots On The Rail
Window With Plants On Pots, River Stones, Path Tiles
Front Yard With Grass, Grass Bushes On The Walking Path With White River Stones And Wooden Boards
Front Porch, Small Garden In The Corner, White River Stones, Grey Natural Stones
Flower Vine On The Arch, Plants On Pot On The Entrance, White Arch, White Marble Floor
Fron Porst With Many Plants, Small Path For Walk, Grass

The front face of the house is the first thing people see from the house. And it is an important thing to maintain a beautiful look of your house so that your house will always look inviting and interesting. One of the things that can help you make sure your house always looks interesting is by creating small garden at front, either in the front porch or the balconies. Not only that it will benefit in look but also in the air quality inside the house.

Wooden Path
An interesting and gorgeous look of a front yard is seen in this one. Completed with grass on the yard, this one makes a pretty path with wooden boards while adding white river stones on it. Small bushes are added to the path to mark the path. Although this one has it large, you can apply it in smaller space also.

Small Corner Garden
In this one here, we get to see an incredible small corner garden that looks as amazing as it usually are in the back yard. Grew on the balconies, it does not make the small garden less beautiful.

Sleek Look
In this one, you will be able to see a tidy look of small garden that has modern vibe in arrangement. The plants on black round pots are placed upon marble boards while the other are across it. The wooden floor will help the porch to look more natural.

Green Balconies
If you only have small balconies, you don’t have to worry that you will not be able to create a small garden. With small space, you can create vertical garden, or trying to have vines to give some shades to your window so that the light will not hit too strong.

Natural Shade
Similar to the previous one, this one here too has natural shade on the window. It brings fresh air, fresh look, and some more privacy if you need some. However, not only that, this one is ready to create more serious garden with its river stone.

Line Up Front
This one here is an example from a large space. However, the idea of lining your bushes can also be implemented in smaller space yard. Separating the plants area and path area is interesting to do.

More Plants
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has path to walk. However, to make the yard looks more fresh and beautiful, more plants and flowers are planted here with smaller walk path invisible.

Beautiful Arch
If you love to pull in some Spanish look with your arch, vines and bold flowers are one of the ticks to do it. Seen in this one, the arch looks so beautiful with the plants framing the entrance.

More Vines
Similar to the previous one, this beautiful arch look on the entrance is completed with green vines that looks inviting. The bushes on both sides completes the green look.

Purple Flowers
If you love to look minimalist yet bold, this look here is probably what you’re looking for with flowers but not too much plants.

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