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Small Garden, Orage Floor Tiles, Stones, Pink Wall, Grey Wall, Wooden Bench, Plant Pots, Open Ceiling, Glass Sliding Glass
Small Garden, Brick Floor, White Floor, Yellow Wall, Grey Wall, Yellow Sofa, Rattan Chairs, Table, Glass Sliding Door
Small Garden, Wooden Floor, Natural Stone Wall, Plants, Rattan Lounge Chair
Small Garden, Stones, Wooden Foot Steps, White Accent Wall, Black Plant Pots
Small Garden, Grass, White Stone Wall, White Wall, Vertical Garden, White Chair
Small Garden, Plants Along The Wall, Red Brick Wall, White Brick Wall, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Lounge Chair With Blue Cushion, Tree
Small Garden, Stones, Wooden Stage, Whtie Wall, Floating Shelves, Rattan Chairs, Trees
Small Garden, Wooden Floor, Natural Stone Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench
Small Garden, Grass, Flowers, Vertical Garden, White Wall, White Patterned Wall,
Small Garden, Grass, Grey Footstep, White Wall, Small Brick Exposed Accent, Grey Plant Pots

Having small space left to make a garden can be tricky. While you think People with large space is really lucky that they can build their house and still have some space to create large garden. However, sometimes they too can struggle with small space for little garden. Well, to make things easier, creating a small garden in your left space would be an amazing touch to your house. It can be at the corner, in the back, or in the middle of your house. With glass wall this would be a lively live accessories to the house. Here below are some ideas to work on.

Vertically Simple
This small garden is in a long and rectangular space. And in this small space, it has generated lots of lights from the open yet private ceiling. The white stones and wall helps the spacious effect while the space itself looks simple with grass and vertical garden.

Warm and Bright
This small garden makes a beautiful sight for the house. The space is decorated with orange floor tiles, natural stones, pots of plants, trees, and lighted with natural sunlight from the grids on the ceiling. A wooden bench in this space makes it a perfect place to read and talk with your loved ones.

Under the Blue Sky
This tiny garden makes a simple and modest look. The space is efficiently turned into a beautiful garden with wooden floor, grass and flowers in the middle, and vertical plant pots on the wall. Without ceiling, the space makes a really bright space.

Rustic Garden
If you love natural look, you would love a garden with rustic look like this one here. The wooden floor allows you to put some seats and the stone wall makes a pretty accent while the space is freshen by the plants and trees.

Surrounded by Stone
Similar to the previous one, this small garden is surrounded by stone wall that gives a natural touch. The space is beautified with pots of plants of flowers and open ceiling.

Tall Garden
A small space like this one is a refreshing breather. The simple white floor and the comfort of lounge chair makes the space looks amazing to hang out and relaxing. With tall wall, this place would always be in shadow, not too hot, but still gets the bright light.

Yellow Wall
This small garden not only serves a great place to relax but it is also a nice place to dine. The plants are small and all around the place. The yellow accent wall has it beautifully attached to it.

Under the tree
This small garden creates a nice ambiance for hanging around. With wooden floor and stones framing it, the small garden is also refreshed with a nice tree and simple plants on the pots. The glass wall allows it to be enjoyed from the house as well.

Tiny Open Space
For those who only has tiny space, creating a nice breather like this would be superb. It is not only give the room bright light but also a fresh and beautiful look.

Out of the Sliding Door
This pretty small garden is closed with glass window, wall, and sliding door. The simple setting of grey steps, pots, and exposed brick wall look easy in this space.

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