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Having a car is our dream. It can save our energy and help us mobilize in our daily life. It can be a must have vehicle if you got a family. You do not need to ride a public transportation to your destination.  For you who want to buy a car, you also should make a planning to build a garage for your vehicle. You also can put your belongings or other things in your garage. The existence of a garage, you do not need to park your car or motorcycle in the yard. You need to have a great security for your vehicle. You may get difficulties in designing a garage for your small home. You should make a minimalist design that will save the space. Thus, here are small home plans with garage that can be your option.

Cream Garage for Your Small Home

You can choose a garage door that has the same color as your home. It will give an image of a spacious place. You also can make a two-story home if you have a small space for building an extraordinary living place.

Additional Garage

You can add an additional area to be your garage beside your home. You should make a convenient feature. You can get a pleasing visual impact and appeal with the addition of a garage clad.

Affordable House with Garage

This house is only 28 feet width including a garage. If you have a small budget, it is the best choice for you. You also can have a room above the garage.

Separate Garage

If you have a small home but also a large yard, this idea will help you to make use of your yard by making a garage. You also should consider the high-quality material for your garage and its lighting.

Unique Entrance and Garages

When you like a unique idea in designing your home, you can design your entryway between two small garages.

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Small Home with Three-Car Garage

The three-car garage can suit the traditional style of the home. You can make a living space above the garage.

Coachman garage for Small Home

This small home has a small garage with a white garage door. You can use the coachman garage door. The above of the garage can be a family room.

Custom Small Home Plans with Garage

This detached carport design is suitable for your custom home design. It can be separated from home area. You can connect your small home with the garage by making a roof in the center.

Small Riverview Home with Garage

You can have an attached garage and free-standing barn in your home. It will be an interpretation of a stylish barn vernacular. All the rooms in a Riverview home design are oriented towards the river.

Exceptional Home and Garage Design

You can have a unique home by adding some stone façade in your exterior. The dark grey garage door is really suitable with the home color. There is also a small living space above the garage.

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