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rustic small home with grey stones for outside wall and wooden posts Architectural Designs

Traditional Two Stories Small House With Glass Windows
Modern Square Two Stories Small House In White With Yard
Traditional Two Stories Small House In White
Contemporary Two Stories Small Home With Wide And Large Glass Window In All Back Side, And Yard
Traditional Small House In Grey With Yard
Rustic Small Home With Grey Stones For Outside Wall And Wooden Posts
Contemporary Small Home With Grayish Blue Outside Wall
Modern Small House In Green In Countryside With Yard
Modern Simple Small House In Blue With Glass Door, Window, And Yard
Beach Style Small Home In White Stone Outside Wall With Glass Door And Window, Blue Roof

For some people, having big grand house can be irritating. You will have to walk so far just to get to the dining room, for example. Thus, sometimes having small house is the best thing for them. With small house, you can save some space and have a large yard instead. And with small house, it took smaller amount of time to clean it. That is the best thing about small houses is. If you are looking for inspiration as to build your small house, here are some ideas you might like.

Blue Small House

Here in the picture, you can see how simple yet beautiful the house is. With its glass door and simple small window, it makes the house even more simple but minimalist. Because it is small, they save the space for yard to bring out the best color for the house.

Traditional Small House

This one is really beautiful! You get the traditional feeling from the small house. It has glass window that allows people from the inside to feel the wide space of outside yard. With this house and the yard outside, this house look classic.

Stone Home

This one is perfect for you who love natural look. The good thing about small home is that one detail can bring so much change. And if it’s the wall you’re talking about, it brings whole different idea. And this one looks so beautiful. With big windows on the side and the yards outside, it is perfect for you who love natural view.

Simple Small House

Having a house in a countryside is probably what you want, especially if you love quite environment. If you one of those people, you will love this one. It’s a small and simple house with white stones on the outside wall and doors that can open widely.

Simple Natural House

This one is another one that is perfect for you who love in countryside where you can have all the yards and probably forest around you. You can build a small simple house that will not be a burden for a care.

contemporary small home with grayish blue outside wall

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Yellow Small House

Having a pretty yard is probably what you love to have. Thus, you can save your soil to be your yards and build small house instead, like this one, especially if you don’t like something grandeur that takes time to take care.

Simple Traditional Two Stories Home

This one looks so endearing. It is so pretty with all the classic and traditional touch. And you don’t need more space in your yards too. With this, your yard is untouched and you still have the small simple house.

Small Two Stories Home

This small house looks bigger because it has glass window on all back side. It opens to the outdoor view that it doesn’t look small. And this one too successfully saves the space for yards.

Traditional Small Two Stories Home

This one is another beautiful home that is built in two stories. It is a traditional small two stories home. When you need more rooms but you don’t have the space or you just don’t want to use your yards, you can always remodel your house into two stories. And this one is a traditional beauty!

Modern Small Two Stories Home

If the previous ones are traditional homes, this one is in modern line. The house is simply square but it looks beautiful in its simplicity. The door is wide sliding door that you will love to have in small house.


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