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tall wooden table, wooden stool with white and gey seating with back, wall decoration, floor lamp, low white stool Maisons du Monde

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Wooden Table On Wheels, Black Stools, Silver Pendants
Kitchen, Beige Floor, White Wall, Floating Wooden Table, Black Stools, White Cabinet, White Subway Tiles Backsplash, Black Rail On The Wall, Pendant
Thin Long Rectangular Table, Lanky Stools With Round Seating, Dark Cabinet, Marble Backsplash, White Wall, Windows, Marble Floor
White Wooden Small Rectangular Wall With Shelves On One Side, Stool With Wooden Seating Green Metal Support
Dining Set With Wooden Table On Wheels, Wooden Chair With Metal Support
White Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs With Tall Back, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Small Chandelier
Dining Set With Table On The Wall, Thin Tall Support, Wooden Stools, White Pendant, Wooden Floor, Kitchen
Floating Wooden Table, Wooden Stools With White Seating, White Wall, White Cabinet, Black Upper Cabinet, White Pendant
Tall Wooden Table, Wooden Stool With White And Gey Seating With Back, Wall Decoration, Floor Lamp, Low White Stool
Square Table, Striped Clothe, White Modern Chair, Wooden Stool, Near The Window

Limited space is indeed a challenge for everybody. With large space, you don’t know what to fill the room; with small space, you don’t know how you can put everything you need inside. For you who have such challenge with small kitchen but you want to add dining set as well, here below are some stunning looking dining set that you will love to be in your kitchen.

Light and Tall
One of the tricks to make small space looks spacious is by using thin and light looking items like these tall table and stool. Can act as a bar at night, it can also be a place to have your meal.

Floating Bar
Another way to save the space is by adding floating table on one side of the wall. This way, you don’t have to add more furniture inside. All you need is the boards for the table and black stools to sit .

Modern Floating Table
Similar to the previous one, this one here is also with wooden floating table on one side of the wall. It shows how floating table can add the practicality and modern vibe in the kitchen because it looks light and not bulky.

Shelve on Wheels
The next tip on what you can do with your small kitchen is by having shelve on wheels that you can use as table too, like this one here. With table like this, you can move it anywhere it needs to be. When you don’t need it in the kitchen, you can use it in another room.

Table on Wheels
With simpler look, this one here brings lighter look as well. Similar to the previous one, this one is easily rearrange when you don’t need it in the kitchen.

Near the Window
Another thing that you can do when you want to have dining set in the small kitchen is by putting the dining set near the window. This way, the dining set will not look to be a dark burden to the room. When you eat around the table, you will feel the room is more spacious as well. The stools under the table makes more space to sit without making it too clear to see.

Neutral and Natural
Another thing that will go well with limited space is neutral colored items. Seen in this one is a white table surrounded with rattan chair placed on the side of the wall, near the window. This has been compacted and pretty as well.

Simple and Practical
For modern styled room, this simple white table will be a great match to the room. The green metal stools with geometric lines will be the unique touch to the room. Located near the window, this has put the beauty in the spotlight.

Interesting Lines Pendant
In this one, the tall table and chair has given the kitchen the lanky lines that made it looks light and simple. The lines the pendant sconce makes are a great addition to the look.

Slim Stools
Similar to the previous one, this one also brings in slim looking stools that perfectly match the table.

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