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Laundry Space, Brown Floor, White Subway Tiles, Wooden Cabinet With Sliding Door
Laundry Room, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Wall, Glass Ceiling, Black Iron Net And Rack, Wooden Cabinet, White Shelves
Laundry Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Stools
Laundry Room, Wooden Stage, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Machine, White Upper Cabinet
Laundry Room, Grey Floor Tiles, Wooden Wall, Wall Tiles
Laundry Room, Patterned Floor, White Brick Exposed Wall, White Cbainet, Wooden Cabinet, Sink, Hanging Rod
Laundry Room, White Exposed Brick Wall, Wooden Table, Glass Ceiling
Laundry Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Ironing Table, White Baasket,
Laudry Room, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet With White Machine, Black Iron Net
Laundry Room, White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet

If you want to have a special room for doing laundry, but you only have a small room, you would have to think carefully for the design so that your room will work efficiently, especially if you live in tropical place where the heat is high but so is the humidity. You might want to complete your space with more than laundry machine and that would be a tricky matter. Although it is quite difficult, it can be done. This compilation below would help you get the best inspirations to create your own laundry room.

Pretty Simple
This small laundry room makes an efficient accent with shelves, cabinet, the machine and hanging rod. These are the essentials that you want to have in the small laundry room. And completed with glass ceiling, the clothes would get dried easily.

Large Nook
This one here puts the laundry room in the nook and has a nice and small room to do the laundry. The machine is tidily kept with the shelves and cabinets in one line with additional cabinets on the upper wall.

Bright Wooden Room
For those who love rustic look, this laundry in the balcony offers a beautiful inspiration. The wooden wall is decorated with plants while the machine is placed below the plants. A stone sink is added to make everything more make sense.

Under the Light
This is another setting that will work well for those who live in tropical place. the glass ceiling is perfect for you to hang your clothes without worrying that it might rain. The wooden cabinet here is completed with space to store the dried clothes, laundry machine, and the sopas.

Smaller, Simpler
Although the space is small, this one here has brought what you need. The cabinets, shelves, and the machine. With black iron rod in horizontally and vertically installed, drying your clothes would be easier.

Breezy Laundry Space
This one here is not literally in the room but it has a pretty look on it with simple white and wooden look combination. The rod to hang the clothes are also simple and it can be arranged anywhere.

White Corner
If you only have a corner, decorating the space with white color and large possibility of bright light would be really wise. This one here completes the corner with all white and window, along with transparent ceiling.

In the Balcony
Where your space is really limited and balcony is all you have, combining your laundry space with dining and study space is still acceptable so long as your space is always tidy and clean.

Breezy Feeling
If you love natural theme, getting a natural look on the laundry room would be really easy. This one here only needs one big wooden cabinet with grid door that allows you to get fresh and natural look.

Minimalist Setting
This is another laundry room that has minimalist look. The space is decorated with white exposed brick wall and completed with wooden cabinet. This combination is modern and easy. And with that, the space still adds hanging rod and sink on the cabinet.

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