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grey built in nook with drawers, cushion, book shelves on the side, sconce Domino

Small Corner Library With Black Built In Shelves, Grey Velvet Couch, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Grey Marble Fireplace With Wooden Frame, White Plank Wall
Brown Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Blue Lounge Chair, Round Side Table, Wooden Floor
Reading Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Shelves, Blue Patterned Couch, White Floor Lamp, Wooden Rug, White Curtain, Glass Window
Built In Library With Grey Bench With Drawers, Cushion, Shelves In Blue, Pillows
Small Library In The Alcove, Built In Shelves, Pink Tufted Chair, Window, Side Table
Dark Cornered Book Shelves, Square Ottoman, Wooden Floor, Red Rug
Grey Built In Nook With Drawers, Cushion, Book Shelves On The Side, Sconce
Built In Reading Nook, White Bench, White Wall, Open Brick Wall, Built In Shelves
Small Corner Library, Built In White Wooden Book Shelves, Black Leathered Lounge Chair, Black Side Table, White Lamp, Near The Window
Library, Rattan Chairs, Golden Side Table, Floating Shelves, Yellow And White Wall, Blue Ruf, White Floor

When there are too many books around the house and you haven’t created a special place to store them, you will need to do it soon. Creating a place for books does not always need large space. All you need is book shelves, and probably some little space you can find in the house. Here below are ten inspiring small libraries in the house made simple to help you find what you really want.

Small Nook
This on here shows a small nook in front of the window that can be an ideal place to read your book collections. With small built-in shelves on the side, it will be easier to put them out or reach them again.

Comfortable Nook
Similar to the previous one, this one too gives a comfortable reading experience in its small nook. The cushion and pillows will make sure you have the comfort and the window will make sure you have enough light to peruse your books.

Small Alcove
This small nook looks comfortable even though it’s small. The alcove makes it more private, thus, more focus in reading the book. The shelves placed on the side of it and it allows you to reach whatever books you want to read.

Floating Shelves
This one here might not be in a small place but it can give you some ideas on how floating shelves can work artistically for you. With its light look, it can work well in small place too. The rattan chairs will give you maximum focus and private space.

Under the Arch
This one here uses the alcove to create a reading corner. Under the arch, this small library looks comfortable with the pink tufted couch and the bright light come in from the window.

Near the Warmth
This one here uses the space near the fire place to turn it into a comfortable reading nook with its dark built-in shelves and grey velvety couch. Reading here can be really warm and comfortable.

Comfortable Lounge Chair
In this corner, you can make sure you will be able to read comfortably. With a comfortable lounge chair with arm rest, you will be able to enjoy your reading time. Adding a beautiful floor lamp to help you with the light can add a sweet touch to it.

Masculine Touch
This one here also uses a lounge chair to add comfort in the small library. However, with the leather material, this one here looks stronger and masculine.

Merry Library
While some people love to have minimalist look in the library, some other love to add some details to keep the ambiance cheerful. One of the simplest ways you can do is by adding patterned couch to keep it fun.

Square Ottoman
This square ottoman can help you get the comfort while you’re reading on the floor. This actually can be the comfort for some people at once. Or, if you feel like it, you can put a cup of coffee on it.

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