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A small area may make us difficult in designing a functional space. As it has a small area, we should limit the furniture pieces and accessories. A living room in a small area and some furniture pieces may look cramped for the owner and the guests. But you don’t need to worry. There are many ideas for creating a comfortable living room in a small space. Some tricks and furniture items will fit in a limited space. Here are some cozy small living room design ideas that will inspire you to create a nice living room in a small area.

Dark Gray Tone

This small living room design allows us to forget the structure of the sofa while still providing a warm seating with a fireplace. The dark gray sofa and chair really blend with the dark gray walls. While the contemporary chandelier serves as a statement piece in this room.

Windows and Door for Small Living Room Design Ideas

Designing smaller for a living room doesn’t mean it needs to feel cramped. Windows and doors may be the way to make a small space feels more spacious. Install large glass windows and doors to give the light and spacious feeling.

Luminaire Style Living Room

This small living room features nice furniture items and color scheme. Employ a glass coffee table as an anchor in it. A glass low table placed in the middle of seating space will create a smooth look and better in a small space.

Calm Small Living Room Design Ideas

Use a muted color palette for a small living room. White is a well-known common paint choice in minimalism. It’s better to use a minimalist style for small design.

Furniture Pieces for Small Space

Put a navy blue velvet sectional sofa is enough for a small living room. This furniture piece gives a spacious and comfortable space for everyone. Complete it with a small coffee table.

Small Living Room Decorations

Add a dash of eccentricity to beautify the small living room design ideas. The bold yellow artwork and leopard print on the pillows are stand out against the light and neutral color scheme.

Vintage Glam Small Living Room Design Ideas

The color of the sectional sofa, wall, and window curtain give a clean look. While the colorful pillows, chandelier, and golden glass coffee table add cute accents in this small living room.

Seating Choices

Here is another small living room which uses bright color scheme and minimal furniture pieces. Instead of adding some chairs to combine with the sofa as the seats, you can put an ottoman and a bean bag as the substitute.

Comfortable Seating Experience

This living room is small in scale but looks stylish. The beige sofa, colorful armchairs, and two ottomans instead of coffee table in the middle give the more comfortable seating space.

Modern Small Living Room Design Ideas

We can see a mix of metals, textures, and sleek surfaces to show a youthful lifestyle in this living room. A white nesting coffee table is a nice choice for this small room.

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