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When we look at some home interior designs on Pinterest, we will be inspired by them. It offers so many references from the users. We can also look for some ideas when we are confused about creating a valuable room in a small space. You can look up some small living room ideas which shown on Pinterest to inspire you in creating a nice living room space for the home member and guests. Here are some small living room ideas Pinterest that will inspire you to make a nice and interesting small living room in your home.

Soft Tones and Wall Mirror

This small living room is done in soft tones. The genesis of its look is the pink glass table lamp on the left and the purple throw pillows. A wall mirror behind the gray sofa dissolve the room’s boundaries and reflect light, making this space appear bigger.

A Patterned Rug

A small patterned rug can be all we need in small living room ideas Pinterest. This living room features a colorful rug with the well-arranged furniture pieces. Only the wooden coffee table is placed right on the rug.

The Simplicity of Living Room

This modern small living room is made to look bigger by using a long couch with the vintage chairs and a minimalist coffee table. The bright color is also used for the windows and the room walls.

The Tricky Space

Small living room ideas Pinterest with multiple doors and windows are tricky spaces. It is a solution for a small space. The doors and windows will give nice lighting an open vibe for the living room.

Keep It Simple

Simple furniture items and decorations can be applied in a small living room. You should also do coordinate with the colors of the room. Maintaining a color-coordinate design will keep it looks simple.

Pop Accent Color

Some small living room ideas Pinterest come with large windows and pop color. This small living room has a glass door, a wide windows, gray sofas, white walls, white ceiling, as well as the pop accents. The muted tones with a sunny pop color create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to visit.

The Scandinavian Palette

You can go with the Scandinavian palette which most people are familiar with. Combined it with pastel colors that can balance the softness of the small living room.

A Modern Small Living Room

Using one large piece of artwork instead of several small ones will make space feel larger and less cluttered. This modern living room also offers a beige sofa and a modern round coffee table.

Acrylic Chair

Acrylic chair or table is often used in small living room ideas Pinterest. Add an invisibility cloak for the furniture, anything made of clear acrylic is an excellent choice to fill the small living room.

Small Tables

If you can’t afford the coffee table you really want, you can use a pair of small wooden tables. These two tables make a good coffee table and are easily rearranged.

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