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comfortable dark grey sofa decorative pillows light grey reading chair with monochromatic pillow dark wooden table with rattan basket underneath This Little House Blog

Grey Sofa With Armrest Decorative Pillows Unique White Coffee Table Unique Yellow Carpet Wall Mounted TV Floating White TV Console Colorful Strips Wallpaper
L Shaped Grey Sofa Decorative Pillows White Fury Reading Chair White Square Coffee Table Brown Bean Bag Chair White Floating Shelf White Vintage TV Console Hardwood Flooring Idea
White Sectional Sofa Beautiful Accent Pillows Modern White Table Colorful Strips Carpet Modern Bar Stool
Grey Sofa Colorful Ornament Pillows Stripes Monochromatic Carpet Black Table White Oriental Pendant Lamp
Sweet Blue Loveseat Chair Pure White Top Coffee Table Monochromatic Rug
White Sofa Green Covered Accent Pillows Soft Green Corner Chair Black Side Table Black Top Coffee Table
Soft Orange Loveseat Red Accent Pillows Unique Side Table With Glass Top Vertical Rack
Comfy Grey Sofa Hardwood Coffee Table High Feed Corner Lamp With Orange Lamp Shade
Purely White Sofa White Ornamental Pillows Unique Table Huge Vertical Book Shelves In White
Dusty Brown Sofa White Decorative Pillows Modern Hardwood Coffee Table Leather Carpet Transparent Chair Hardwood Flooring Idea

How can we think that a tiny living space can be an effective space and impressively beautiful? The apartments in New York will answer our curiosity related that matter. These 150-square-foot apartments have been Instagram-able and even they possibly go viral earlier this year. By using a social media, especially by Instagram, these inspiring tiny and beautiful spaces are totally decorated in gorgeous ideas by their owners. A tiny space is not real and primary matter for re-designing a comfort, stylish, and space-effective room. As the proof, the following pics are some ideas of small and stylish rooms which are applied at small-space apartments in New York. May a few of them is going to be your favorite.

Modern Minimalist Look

L-shaped sofa still becomes the favorite choice for a small living room. It’s stylish and efficient to be placed at a limited space. Moreover, such furniture can be solution when there are some friends come to see us at our homey sweet home. It will be a perfect choice if we put some functional and decorative interior items such as a white fury reading chair and brown bean bag chair as the additional living room furniture. To create a modern minimalist concept, a floating shelf looks so good and eye-catching as the wall decoration. The shelf itself is so perfect to display the family portrait or other framed-works. And, there is something unique; a white vintage-look TV console spotted at the picture has been a focal point of the room.

Mix-Modern Idea

A striped rug in monochromatic tone looks so matched after being combined with minimalist sofa and black-top ottoman table. Modern armchair adds the perfection for this room. Dark flooring is well balanced by a white oriental-style pendant lamp. Well, that’s all perfection combination, right?

Corner Living Room

soft cream sofa with cover rattan made corner chair tiny wooden coffee table linen mats

twin armchairs with classic motif dark grey loveseat sofa twin ottoman chairs with white slipcover

It’s a great idea to use corner living room concept to optimize a limited space. We can set the furniture at the corner of room and add some other decorative items such as side table, vase, wall arts, and others.

Modern Minimalist Style

Just a grey sofa and unique white coffee table – they are the main items of a modern minimalist living room. Bright yellow rug in flower-look is just an ornament and floating modern floating white console decorative and functional part for this one. An eye-catching wallpaper installation is a focal point that easily attracts the eyes glancing at that part.

Warm in ‘Multi-Colors’ Look

comfy grey sofa dark red accent pillows leather top table ottoman carpet wooden side table

Why warm ‘multi-colors’? This small living room has been designed in many color tones. Sofa as the main furniture has white color, so we can complete it with accent pillows covered with colorful look such as dark purple, blue, green, and striped pillow cases. A classic ottoman table and a couple side tables add different appearance for the room since they commonly exist in classic-themed interior idea. But here, they obviously become the primary accent for such idea of small living room.

Warm and Modern Living Room

L shaped cream sofa minimalist wooden TV console floating TV installation modern working desk modern white working chair

Melissa Cowan via

Warm and modern living room – it’s small but still pretty and comfy. The room is set in two primary tones (cream and white as the dominant colors).

Semi-Monochromatic Idea

It doesn’t have to be black and white to create a monochromatic concept. Dark grey is the best alternative replacing black tone in a monochromatic idea. This small living room applies dark grey and white colors to beautify the room. But a transparent chair is used as the complement as well as the decorative furniture.

Eye-Catching Living Room Concept

Such idea just needs a soft-toned sofa (cream sofa with darker-colored accent pillows) and other brighter color tones applied on each furniture items. Modern green ottoman tables plus its green chair, for instance, are perfect combination to create an eye-catching living room. Soften the room with cream-orange carpet and simple standing lamp.

Pure White Living Room Idea

This idea is really easy to apply. White-toned living room is perfect choice for a small room. White color obviously helps to create bigger and higher look. Here, full-vertical book shelf is used as room partition, so it’s so effective to optimize the use of space. That’s ok if you want to garnish the room with just few additional color tones such following idea.

Narrow but Comfy Living Room

beautiful white sofa slipcover decorative pillows minimalist coffee table


It’s narrow but still comfy for welcoming people visiting us. Soft fury rug and natural brown sofa add the value of room. A yellow accent pillow really becomes the accent. And, two different stylish center tables complete the room appearance.

Lovely Green Idea

Green is always fresh. Light green wall always matches any color tones, including white and black. Mini reading chair and animal-painting become the vocal points here.

Homey Living Room

white sofa slipcover accent pillows blue rattan side table nature printed bean bag chair corner chair with white slipcover fireplace

Still about white; but in this room we’ll find a set of white slipcover sofa as the primary furniture. Unique bean bag chair and rattan-base side table in blue are just the complementary. A fireplace is added to maximize the homey feeling.

Mini Living Room

This idea is practical and simple to be applied. Set all the furniture at the one of corners of a room precisely. A green setee sofa and a stylish read chair are put in one spot, then choose a butcher coffee table to complete the look. A display rack and red brick wall idea are decorative elements but take so much interest in them.

soft orange loveseat red accent pillows unique side table with glass top vertical rack

fully yellow wall idea orange loveseat glass top coffee table ottoman mat black ladder bookshelf modern TV table with shelves

Why is it called mini? The room just has a loveseat to welcome people. Light orange loveseat is prettiest among other interior items. It feels comfortable by adding a couple of red accent pillows. Complete the room with small modern glass-top side table and ladder-bookshelf.

Urban Living Room Concept

sofa slipcover with strips motif red corner chair couple of black painted side tables ottoman rug

sweet pink sofa slipcover white sofa slipcover strips motif chair black classic table

Both have similarity: slipcover sofas and urban-themed living room. The differences are only at rug and center table choices.

Minibar to Living Room

wooden bench with colorful pillows white minimalist coffee table black fury rug

white sectional sofa beautiful accent pillows modern white table colorful strips carpet modern bar stool

minimalist lounge sofa with couch white brown strips carpet eifel wallpaper idea hardwood flooring minibar in white

Minibar to living room idea is latest concept selected by most modern people in current days. It uses a room to accommodate dual function in one space. It’s rather similar to open-space concept, but different at size.

Modern Chic Living Room Model

lovely grey loveseat sofa with decorative round white top table monochromatic rug modern and minimalist pe pendant lamp

soft pink loveseat sofa with colorful accent pillows fury white rug minimalist white center table modern floating book rack

It sounds so interesting if we combined modern and chic style at one room. Modern interior designing idea today applies this one to represent people’s interest in home design. Take a look at some pictures above; modern look can obviously seen at the furniture choice, while chic idea is well represented by the color tone choices.


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