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small living room, grey tiles floor, white wall, sofa covered with blanket, pillows, rattan rug, glass sloping ceiling DCORE VOCÊ

Small Living Room, Beige Floor, Grey Rug, Off White Sofa, Open Brcik Wall With TV, Brown Cabinet, Floating Shelves
Living Room, Grey Rug Floor, Grey Wall, Wall Decorations, White Wooden Shelves Sofa Bed Platform, Grey Cushion
Small Living Room, TV On Small Woodene Floating Shelves, White Wall, White Cushioned Wooden Bench With Wheels, Colorful Rug, Shelves
Dark Small Living Room, Grey Floor, Grey Sofa, White Rug, White Side Table, Dark Grey Wall, White Wall, Large Glass Sliding Door, Wooden Bench
Small Open Room, Wooden Floor, White Open Brick Wall, White Cabinet, Brown Rug, Pink Sofa, Floating Shelves
Small Living Room, Grey Tiles Floor, White Wall, Sofa Covered With Blanket, Pillows, Rattan Rug, Glass Sloping Ceiling
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Corner Sofa, Round Pink Otoman, Black Coffee Table, Pink Geometric Rug, White Wall
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Wooden Console Table With Glass Box Top, White Bench Under Table, White Sofa, White Curtain, Glass Sliding Door
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Grey Sofa, White Floating Cabinet Under TV, Plants, Yellow Wooden Box, Windows, Roman Shade
Small Living Room, Grey Floor Tiles, Rattan Stripes Rug, Round Barrel Coffee Table, White Shelves With TV, Floor Lamp, Stripes Chair

Living room probably has always been a favorite spot for everyone to spend their time having a nice talks with the family and friends while catching up with news, or hold a movie night. Living room is not just a place to sit around but also to relax, sometimes to take a nap, purposely or accidentally. And to those comfortable purpose, here below are some ideas on making a small space turn into a pretty and comfortable living room.

Pink Hint
Muted soft pink can look comfortable despite its muted look. Seen on this fabric on fluffy sofa, it offers comfort just as well. Combined with the brown rug and open brick textured wall, although small, this living room is simple and beautiful.

Pink Hue
This one here is another pink living room even though it has no big pink furniture. However, the pink fur pillow, ottoman, and rug has set the room in more pink hue. The mix of comfortable smooth material has brought more cozy textures regardless of the small area seen.

Retro Accent
While small space feels like it does not allow you to do too many things in the room, this one here is brave enough to put all the retro wall decorations on the wall, pillows, and the shelves under the bench. And this colorful addition to the room brought a bold character on the dark room.

Bold Hint
This one here is similar to the previous one on giving a bold statement color. Although the room is neutral and relaxing, there is this yellow boxes that make the room more cheerful. The plants on the room bring natural force along with the bright light from the large window.

Subtle Glass Roof
While the previous one stating about a bright light from the window, this one here has a polycarbonated glass roof where it gives more subtle lights, thus it’s not too bright and more private feeling. It is a good choice for a small room with sloping ceiling. The living room under the roof looks perfectly comfortable with rattan rug and blanket covered sofa.

White Comfort
one of the safest thing to do in a small room is going white because it brings the wider effect on the room. Seen in this one, off white and neutral colors are used on the choices. The interesting thing is that while it’s small, it has white bench under the console table that can also be used for coffee table. And the glass sliding door on the side helps the room to not feel too cramped.

Low Living Room
Bringing the furniture in low position can help making the room feels airy because the top part of the room is quite empty. Seen here, even though it’s all on low point, the corner bench looks great and can be used as a place to take a great nap. The colorful rug offers more cheerful note from the bottom.

Dark Living Room
Although many people are not brave enough to use dark colors on small room, this one here choose to go for it. The neutral grey in so many saturation level look are brought together in a good combination. The mix of materials are interesting and in quite far range.

Low Cost Room
Making a comfortable room for a small space does not always mean to have elegant furniture. Having reclaimed and refurbished furniture can actually bring warmer feeling, besides the function you need.

Brownies Room
While at the beginning we have pink hue, here we have brown palette. With the open brick and wooden look on the wall, this room feels really warm. Not to mention the plants, cabinet and the upper box.

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