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small loft, wooden floor, white stairs with shelves, kitchen under, glass door, glass window, bedroom on top with glass window Pinterest

Small Loft, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Kitchen With Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Island With Chairs, Living Room On Second Floor, Bedroom On Third Floor
Small Loft, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Stairs, Wooden Bedroom Level, White Kitchen, Black Chairs, White Wall
Small Loft, Glossy Wooden Floor, Kitchen With Yellow Top, White Sofa, Bedroom Floor, Shelves, Stairs
Small Lot, Wooden Floor, Bright Wooden Floor, Wood Planks Wall, Wooden Stairs, Rgey Sofa, Black And White Rug, Round Coffee Table, White Kitchen
Small Loft, Dark Wooden Floor, Dark Wooden Stairs, Low Ceiling Bedroom On Top, Kitchen Under With Long Table
Small Loft, Wooden Floor, White Stairs With Shelves, Kitchen Under, Glass Door, Glass Window, Bedroom On Top With Glass Window
Small Loft, Dark Wooden Floor, Living Room, Bedroom On Ceiling With Windows, Kitchen With White Top
Small Loft, Dark Wood Floor, Kitchen With Blue Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Stairs Shelves, Wooden Floor Second Level
Small Loft, Wooden Floor, Living Room, Study Room, Kitchen With Wooden Top, White Planks, Wooden Floor On Bedroom In The Ceiling
Small Loft, Dark Floor, Rug, Living Room Under Bedroom Level, Wooden Stairs, Shelves On Stairs, Red Chairs, Ottoman,

Small space is a really challenge that one need to rethink over and over again when one needs to get everything needed in one cramped place. Sometimes it is hard to just put everything inside, let alone decorate it to be presentable and thus comfortable. Here are some inspirations that will help to make sure that even a small space can hold comfort and function just like a normal house.


Bold Colors

Sometimes, adding bold colors seems too risky because it can easily make a room feels too much. However, when bold colors are only added in some spots like on chairs of cabinet, the room can take it well. And adding different wall style can make a room feels like more different than the rest of the apartment too.


Three Parts

Although the room is not on different floor, adding your own floor as long as the ceiling is quite high is doable. This one here has three level of floors in a tidy arrangement.


Kitchen Under

One of the arrangement that can be done in a small loft is putting kitchen under the bedroom floor. Having windows near the kitchen is important to make sure the air circulation work well. And, a bathroom can help the kitchen getting colder.


Tiny Windows

To make a loft has a little bit privacy, instead of putting the stairs in the middle and have the bedroom opened, putting stairs at the back of the room can make it possible to give some cover to the bedroom. In this picture, it does not only has wall but also windows to make it more open.


Warm Wooden Feeling

Wood material on the entire house can help make warm feeling. And this house here successfully depicts on it. The wooden floor and wall are warm but on light colors that it makes the loft feels lighter and wider. The floating stairs help the room looks light too. The implementation of windows are enough but it gives much light to the loft.


Polished Look

While the previous has more muted look, this one here has more polished and glossy look from the wooden floor to the ceiling. The blue wooden wall is refreshing. The interesting touch to the room is the tiny steps on the stairs.


Open Space

As small loft might get cramped easily, it is wise to have big windows to create some breeze. If it is possible, wide and large door to circulates better air and light is an even better idea.


Comfortable Loft

Creating a comfortable loft might be challenging but when it is done, it’s so worth all the work. Seen here in the picture, the loft is supported by wooden materials from the floor, wall, stairs, even shelves and kitchen cabinet. It accommodates a comfortable sofa with many fluffy pillows that looks so endearing. The wooden shelves for plants create a beautiful indoor small garden. And the second floor looks comfortable too with all the fluffy pillows and shade curtains.


Practical Loft

If the notion for a place to stay is that you have enough sleep and eat, this kind of arrangement will work the best. With the bedroom on low ceiling upstairs and kitchen on ground floor, it’s all enough. The long table near the kitchen can be used to work or study.


Bright Practicality 

Similar to the arrangement on the previous one, this one too has kitchen, bedroom, and table to work. But, the woods chosen are brighter and with the white kitchen and glass door and wall on ground stairs, it all looks bright.

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