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kitchen, white floor tiles, white wall, white cabinet, colorful rug, white wooden modern dining set, white tiles backsplash, bulbs pendants Futurist Architecture

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Round Marble Dining Table, Black Chairs, White Cabinet, Ceiling Lamp, White Curtain
Small Long Kitchen, White Wall, White Cabinet, Dining Set On The Wall, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Cabinet, Colorful Rug, White Wooden Modern Dining Set, White Tiles Backsplash, Bulbs Pendants
Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Dining Set, Pendant, Sofa
Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Dining Set, Pendant, Sofa
Small Long Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet With Golden Knob, White Wooden Floating Shelves, White Pendant, White Wooden Dining Table, Yellow Blue Chairs
Long Small Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Soft Pale Wall, White Wall, Small Dining Set, Clear Glass Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Kitchen Cabinet
Small Long Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Natural Wood Look Cabinet With Wooden Top, White Wall, Rattan Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Wainscoting, White Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wooden Shelves
Small Long Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Dining Set With Benches, White Small Cabinet, White Drawers, Green Sliding Shelves, Black Pendant

Kitchen with small space can be really challenging especially when it has rectangular shape. It makes it feels even smaller. However, these ten small kitchens successfully getting through the small size problems and make the kitchens practical, even add a dining set in the end of the room. If you have the same problems, these pictures below can help you arrange your needs.

Decorated in White
One of the tricks for small space is using white as much as possible. And this kitchen shows the use of white perfectly well. The white floor tiles are not too stark that it gives warmth to the room along with the dining set in the end of the room.

Warm Kitchen
While small kitchen has limited options, this one here has brought in everything we need form a kitchen. It has kitchen cabinet tidily lined on the wall and wooden cabinet on the other.

Comfortable Look
Unlike the others, this one here does not put the dining set at the end of the room. It puts them along the wall across the long cabinet for cooking. It adds some more cabinet placed under the windows. The cabinets are low that it does not block the light from the window.

Comfortable Dining Set
This one here has comfortable and modern vibe at the same time with its simple cabinet and dining table. The sofa near the window brings comfort to the room along with the soft natural vibe.

sweet Look
Having the most practical and ergonomic items into a small space is really important. It will help you move along the room to get your work done. And in the kitchen, it’s really important. This one here does not only successfully manage that but it also brings a simple and pretty dining set to the end of the room near the window.

Yellow Hint
While white and neutral color work the best for small room, sometimes, bright and bold color is needed to make it more interesting. This one here adds yellow chair to the neutral look kitchen so that it lights up more. However, even without this yellow chair, this white kitchen with pretty details have brought itself to look splendid.

Tidy Look
To make the small space does not feel cramped, tidy and fresh is what it needs. Lining everything in one side so that the other side is opened with more space is done in this picture.

Sweet Kitchen
similar to the previous one, this one also brings out sweet vibe in the kitchen with its round table and chairs.

Domestic Kitchen
To make a small kitchen feels comfortable to work on, making it meet your preference is important. It is also to make your work in the kitchen done well. This one here brings comfort to the room with plants and floating storage for vegetables and fruits.

Natural Wood Look
Although the space is small, this one here does not forget to decorate the space tastefully. With wooden look on the cabinet, the small space is forgotten.

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