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beach style small master bathroom with bathtub, shower, toilet, cabinet and sink Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins Inc

Soft Brown Small Master Bathroom With Toilet In The Separated Room
White Small Master Bathroom With White Bathtube, And Separated Toilet Area
Brown Traditional Small Master Bathroom With Shower Area, White Toilet, White Sink, Brown Cabinet
Beach Style Small Master Bathroom With Bathtub, Shower, Toilet, Cabinet And Sink
Brown Small Master Bathroom With Brown Stones In The Shower Area
White Small Master Bathroom With White Bathtub, White Towels Shelves, White Cabinet And White Lightings
All White Small Master Bathroom With Cabinet, Sink, Mirror,
Long Small Master Bathroom With Shower Area, Toilet, Two Sinks
Brown Small Master Bathroom With Brown Cabinet, White Sink And Shower Area Separated Without Toilet
White Small Master Bathroom With White Bahttube, White Cabinet Mirror, White Sink, White Toilet, White Chandelier

Usually, master bathroom is the largest bathroom in the house. However, sometimes not everyone can have all the space they want. Sometimes the space for master bathroom is not as big as you need it to be. Well, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have it grand and beautiful. You can still have master bathroom that you need. Here are some ideas how to make your master bathroom to be how you need it to be and of course still beautiful.

White Small Bathroom

White is always a great choice for you who want to make the room look brighter and wider. Thus it is understandable that in this picture the designer put everything in white. And to save space, you can forget the bath tub and simply put the shower in area you can close with glass door.

White Master Bathroom with Bathtub

If you think you cannot forget the bathtub and that getting into bathtub is in your list when you are tired, then yes, small bathtub can do it too. But of course, the white color will be needed to make the room not too crowded. And shelves are always helping.

Brown Simple Bathroom

This one in the picture is another one that omits the bathtub. With shower and small cabinet arranged in line with the toilet, so that it can give much more space.

White Blue Small Bathroom

If you have quite a room to be turned into bathroom, you can feel relief as you can do much more for your bathroom. Like this picture, you can have your bathtub in quite long size and you can decorate it with white ceramic wall. If you want to make the room feel larger, you will want to arrange the room tidy and in quite soft color like blue or white.

Parted Toilet Area

Another thing that you can do to make your room not quite crowded is by parting it. You can part your toilet into another room. And of course, the color brown in this picture help not to make the room too crowded.

Long Brown Bathroom

This one is in long space. And the owner simply arranges it all in one line so that they leave long path.

White Bathroom with Glass Partition

This one is another small bathroom that chooses to use white as the main shade in the room. Again, the toilet is parted in another part of the room.

Brown Tidy Bathroom

If you think toilet can make the room crowded, you can omit the toilet and find another room especially for the toilet. Thus, you can have all the room for bathroom itself.

White Tiny Bathroom

When you need to maximize every space you have in your home, sometimes even the small space near the attic can be the only choice you have. Well, if that’s the case, you will want to put everything simple, like this one picture. Even the choice is simple, with the pretty chandelier and classic sink, it looks beautifully classic.

Brown Stone to Warm Your Small Bathroom

This one is so pretty even though it is a small bathroom, it is still an apple in the eye. With the brown stones for the shower area, it looks warm.

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