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small powder room, white molding, white sink with golden support, white toilet, yellow flowery wallpaper, big mirror on the wall, golden faucet, white toilet, traditional chandelier Instagram - Carter & Company

Small Powder Room, Greyish Blue Wall, LED Ceiling, Wooden Floor, White Toilet With Wooden Cover, Grey Sink
Small Powder Room, White Molding, White Sink With Golden Support, White Toilet, Yellow Flowery Wallpaper, Big Mirror On The Wall, Golden Faucet, White Toilet, Traditional Chandelier
Small Powder Room, Blue Painted Half Bottom, Flowery Wallpaper Half Top, Round Mirror, Silver Sconces, White Sink, Grey Floor
Small Powder Room, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Wallpaper, Moroccan Mirror, Pendant, White Toilet, White Sink, Oriental Vase, Rattan Stool
Small Powder Room, White Wainscoting, White Hexagon Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Fish Skin Accent, White Toilet, Shite Sink, Mirror, White LED
Small Powder Room, Blue Wallpaper With White Floer, White Toilet, White Marble Sink, Red Metal Shelves
Small Powder Room, Wooden Floor, Tiny Geomteric Patterned Wallpaper, White Corner Sink, White Framed Small Mirror, White Toilet
Small Powder Room, Wooden Floor, Wainscoting, Short Backsplash Along The Room, White Wlal, Ceiling Lamp, Mirror, White Toilet
Small Powder Room, Blue Wallpaper, White Sink, White Toilet, Golden Framed Mirror, Sconce
Small Power Room, Wooden Chevron Floor, Chevron Red Rug, White Wainscoting, Wallpaper, Chandelier, White Toile, White Sink

Small space in your house can turn into a stunning powder room. Powder room will help you get ready in the morning when so many people rushing to use the main bathroom. And it’s also a good place that your guest can use when in need. It’s less personal and bound to be practical. And here below are some stunning powder room.

Maximize the Small
Even though the space is small, it does not mean that it cannot be decorated fully. Seen in this picture, it combines so many interesting textures on he wood, basket, rug, sink, and wall. And not only that. Despite the stark look on the wall and ceiling, the floor brings warmth to the room. The ceiling has an interesting look with LED on it.

Traditional Modern
Although it’s a small space, this room has also brought quite interesting elements to the room with its stencil wallpaper, white wainscoting, chevron floor. The traditional look on the toilet, sink, and chandelier brings a balance to the modern touch.

Flowery Look
When it needs bolder statement, wallpaper is the easiest go to thing. And this one can show how pretty, soft, and flowery this one here is. With so narrow space, this one is also able to give a unique touch from the industrial sconces.

Bold Flowers
Similar to the previous one, this one also install flower wallpaper on the bathroom but with bolder look. The sconces on the mirror side blends perfectly with the bold wallpaper. And not only that, this small powder room gives a nice touch with marble sink that looks elegant

Distinctive Touch
Again, in this powder room, too, small space does not the limit to make creative action. Here seen that to leave strong impression, the room has been wainscoted in really interesting shape. The ikat motif on the wallpaper, Moroccan mirror, and oriental vase are a mix touch from Asian culture that looks great together. Together, it is difficult to say which one that will leave impression the most.

Copper Small Touch
In this one, obviously the blue pattern on the wallpaper looks so strong. However, the small details of copper in the faucet, rail, mirror frame, sconce are interesting and stand out in their own.

Details in Compact
Even in this small bathroom that looks plain white, the details are quite strong. The hexagon floor tiles bring its modern feeling along with the white sink. The wainscoting embraces the bathroom in more traditional way while fish scale on the accent wall looks nice and pretty.

Small Elegant
Although the room is petite, this one here successfully turn it into elegant powder room with golden accents here and there. The soft yellow flower wallpaper blends perfectly with this traditional elegance.

Simply Wallpaper
If small space need to be simply treated, this one here can show you how it should be done. With wallpaper, the impression can be made. And besides that small unusual step can be taken for the sink, small mirror, and towel bar.

Long Backsplash
This one here has a very interesting way to make the room more interesting. With tiles in backsplash that surround the room in a long and thin line. The narrow sink goes with it. And all together compliment the long and narrow room.

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