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wooden dining table on the corner with black wooden chairs, light green wall, floating shelves, pendant Futurist Architecture

Wooden Dining Table On The Corner With Black Wooden Chairs, Light Green Wall, Floating Shelves, Pendant
Dining Corner With White Corner Bench, White Round Table, White Mid Century Modern Chairs
Wooden Dining Table, White Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seating, Rattan Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Plant
Scandi Dining Table Set With Half Round Table, White Wooden Chairs, White Wall, Grey Cabinet, Large Glass Window
Dining Room With Kitchen In Dark Floor, Round Wooden Table, White Wired Modern Chairs, Pendant
Dining Room, White Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Wooden Table, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, White Wall, Green Pendant, Mirror, Windows
Small Round Wooden Table With Wooden Chars, Rattan Rug, Bench On The Window Sill, Kitchen With Dark Cabinet Wnd Wooden Top, Pendant
Wooden Dining Table, Mix Of Modern Chairs, White Wall, White Lantern Pendant, White Glossy Floor, Plant
Foldable Wooden Dining Table, Black Midcentury Modern Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Glass Window, Floating Shelves, Rug
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Chairs With Round Back, White Bench With Green Cushion, Pillow, Chandelier, Wall Painting

Having small space can be challenging but it does not mean that it can be done beautifully. Simplicity and minimalism have been really popular along with Scandinavian look. And their strength is making everything as simple and practical as possible. So, small space is not their obstacles. And here below are some stunning ideas that you will love in dining table set

Half Round
People can give up easily when this much space is left to make a dining area. However, with creative move, even space so limited like this one here can turn into a comfortable corner with half round table that can be fold down and wooden chairs, placed near the window so that it won’t feel too crowded.

Foldable Table
In this one, the small table looks larger and more sturdy. However, it is not more permanent too as it can be fold anytime you want. The midcentury modern chairs that accompany looks perfectly matched the lanky legs of the table. Placed in quite a space, this one is placed to maintain the space to look spacious.

In the Corner
If you have interesting shape of room, it is a great idea to use the shape. Like this one here. The angled corner is used for wooden dining table with black wooden chairs that look strong and bridging the plain and pattern look.

Simply Modern
This one here depicts a simple and modern look that does not ask too much attention yet has given a pretty clean sight along the wall. With green pendant above, it looks even prettier.

Modern Nook
Using the corner of the kitchen to make sure that all the space is occupied can be done with dining nook. Seen in this one here, this white bench with green cushion nook has make sure that the corner is used for dining purpose. Accompanied with beautiful tulip table and white chairs, it becomes really elegant.

Dining Corner
This one here is another dining corner that look perfect for small space. With simple bench on the corner and two added modern chairs, this corner looks modern and really practical.

Petite Table
For those who have big families but only have limited space, this kind of arrangement can be ideal. Already have a bench to sit, this one here adds much more chairs in this tiny corner. Not surely practical but you can consider this tactic.

More Natural Look
For a small space, getting natural and neutral is one of the best tricks. With natural material, neutral look and mix of textures are being in the room at once. Seen in this one, this wooden round table is surrounded by wooden chairs with rattan seating. And this all happens upon a rattan rug. Interesting layering and mix of textures.

Mix of Chairs
To create a modern look with some interesting layers, sometimes mix of chairs are added. Not really different chairs but chairs with the same style. Like this one here, modern chairs are gathered to create interesting sight under this white lantern pendant.

Naturally Simple
While incorporating dining room with kitchen, choosing natural and neutral color is one of the most popular treatment. And it is simple because it never fails.

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