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Kitchen, Black Top, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Board Shelves With Black Metal Support
Kitchen, White Marble Wall Tiles, Blue Bottom Cabinet With White Top, Metal Shelves On The Window
Kitchen, White Subway Wall Tiles, Open Shelves Near The Window, White Upper Cabinet With Glass Door
Kitchen, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Bottom Cabinet, White Top, Wooden Corner Open Shelves, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, White Wall, White Marble Top, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Black Metal Shelves
Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet, Green Top, Silver Sink, White Floating Small Shelves, Window
Kitchen, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Open Shelves, Green Bottom Cabinet With White Top, White Upper Cabinet, Golden Sconces
Kitchen, White Wall, Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Upper Cabinet, Green Open Shelves
Kitchen, White Hexagonal Wall Tiles, White Cabinet, Shelves In The Corner
Kitchen, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Small Shelves Near The Window

Kitchen will feel more efficient when it can help you move around in doing everything you do, like creating the meal or cookies. Putting everything in reach can be really helpful and adds comfort too. However, when your kitchen is already felt crowded, small but practical touches like small shelves can be a life saver. These below are ten ideas on how you can put small shelves in the kitchen and maintaining to make it decorative as well as effective.

Small Yet Strong
In this white kitchen, the top part of the wall look neat and clean. However, some shelves are bound to be added. The black metal open shelves added here is small and thin that it does not ruin the purpose of looks airy this kitchen seems to deliberately do.

In Front of the Window
This one here shows an interesting setting of small shelves. Positioned on the window, this one looks thin and light.

Light yet Strong
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the shelves in front of the window. The thing about this shelves is that it looks thing and light that it does not make the room looks heavy or dark. The thin support it has allows sunlight to still come through.

Small Open Shelves
Another small shelves that can be added to kitchen wall is the traditional wooden open shelves, like this one here. It can add decorative touches if you have everything already in place but it can also add more storage function if you want to put more things in the reach of your hand.

Small Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one here also adds nice small open shelves to the kitchen’s wall. However, this one here puts them out in the open and makes the kitchen pretty with warmth the shelves give and the contrast it has with the stark white wall.

Small Touches
When you have kitchen in white wall, you might want to give some contrast but still steering in the neutral accent to make it minimalist and simple. This floating wooden shelves can be of help. Although small, it can hold things you need often, like mugs or seasoning.

Corner Shelves
Maximizing the space in the wall can be done by adding wooden corner shelves. It obviously can add some more storage in the kitchen. This nice corner wooden open shelves also adds decorative accent.

Small Shelves on the Nook
When you put upper cabinet and leaves some space near the window, you would be able to have some nook and add an open storage there, like this one. These small shelves give light and not crowded finish to the window.

White Added Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one also has nice small shelves near the window. These pretty open shelves help the room to have easy organization for the things you need fast and often, like seasoning.

Green Open Shelves
This one here puts everything in plan including the small open shelves with the same color with the cabinet. It looks pretty and amazing in one pretty setting.

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