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Top Quality Small Sofas for Your Supreme Compact Living Rooms

In modern era, having spacious rooms in our house is considered as a luxury. Most of us live in urban area where we have limited space in our home. Yet we shouldn’t let the tiny space of our house restrict our creativity. Here, I will give you ideas to choose the right small sofas for your small living rooms. And believe me, your living room wouldn’t look so small anymore.

Choosing the Right Drapery that Match Your Sofas

Having soft dash palette color gives then feeling of calmness and peace. Here, this living room looks elegant due to the perfect combination of drapery sofas the mirror, painting, even the chandelier.

elegant formal living room with medium tone hardwood floors, a ribbon fireplace, a stone fireplace surround, white walls and brown floors
St. Romain Interiors

Using Small Sofa Combined with Small Chairs

Small furniture wouldn’t make you look like a gigantic living in a cave. Yet, it is a great idea to play with the scale and room’s composition. Just make sure to not use very small fixtures.

mid sized contemporary living room with small green sofa accent pillow throws wooden tables and chairs table lamp accent rug wooden cabinets white walls and curtains
Claire Watkins

Chest Table and Small Sofa Ideas

Small rooms in your house force you to think out of the box. The owner of this living room just take it literally, by using a chest that can be used as a storage furniture and a table.

mid sized eclectic formal enclosed living room with white walls and dark hardwood floors chest table rattan blinds cream curtains multicolored rug
Antonio Martins Interior Design

Small Living Room in Bright Pop of Colors

Using great bright of color in unexpected furniture gives a dash of hope to your small living room to be playful and cozy. This photo proves that you don’t need to have enormous dimensions on your room to look super stylish.

Elegant formal living room with beige walls, a standard fireplace, a stone fireplace surround, a wall mounted TV and brown floors
Alison Hammond Photography

Black and White Living Room Ideas with Cute Dash of Colors

Just because you dedicate yourself to make a perfect black and white room, you don’t need to constrain yourself not to play with other color. Small furniture in bright colors make merrier looks you know?

Contemporary living room with white walls and black sofa, a standard fireplace, wall artworks chandelier lamp red accent sofa yellow velvet upholstery table standing lamp floating cabinets
Honey Bee Interiors

Small Yet Inviting Contemporary Living Room

A small living room can be a great space to entertain your friends and family if you know exactly how to do that. using a multi functional fixture with an open floor plan helps lifting your compact room.

small contemporary open concept living room with beige walls and medium tone hardwood floors multicolored pillow throws white table sets
Mandeville Canyon Designs

L-Shaped Small Sofa with Movable Mini Chairs

L-shaped sofa helps us to utilize the corner room and maximize your living room floor plans. The small chairs are easy to move that you can use it anywhere in this area.

trendy family room design with beige walls, carpet and a built in media wall blue L shaped sofa wooden chair rattan coffee table wooden cabinet table lamp
Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

Small Living Room with Playable Piano

If you want a bold move in your living room, you can put big furniture, such as mirror and piano, like this photo below. Just make sure that your family member can play the musical instrument so it won’t waste the space.

Elegant living room with a music area square mirror chandelier lamp black and white animal printed rug yellow sofa pillow throws medium toned wooden floors
Heather ODonovan Interior Design

Small Living Room with Majestic Scenery

If you live in an apartment you might use the area near the window as your living room. you only need to put some cozy furniture and the scenery will boost the joy.

trendy living room with white walls window walls brown sofas and curtains wooden table medium toned wooden floors cream rug
Amy Lau Design

Small Black and White Living Room

You can maximize your black and white living room by creating a cocoon-like feel. It has rich and cozy colors, and the ambient lighting makes your living room as welcoming retreat.

Mid sized elegant living room with brown walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace pendant lamp accent pillow throws white sofa
Heather Garrett Design
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