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Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs to be Mesmerized By

Small size isn’t always something that makes a room bad especially if the room has a mesmerizing design that captivates the eyes of its beholder. One of the most important things for rooms, including a kitchen, is their designs. If you have a wish to make your kitchen look captivating, choose one of these U-shaped kitchen designs to use as a kitchen design inspiration source.

Let the Sunlight In

One of the best things to include in a small kitchen is a big window that lets sunlight enter the room, making the room feel bigger like the one on the kitchen below.

u shaped kitchen faucet wall shelves stove rack cabinets wall storage pots mugs glass window
Woodford Architecture + Interiors

Almost Full-metal

If a very modern look is what you’d love to incorporate into your kitchen, this almost full-metal u-shaped kitchen should be a nice source of inspirations for you.

u shaped kitchen metal faucet metal elements cabinets ceiling floor sink door countertop
David Churchill

In Touch with the Nature

As a kitchen that connects with the nature, this u-shaped kitchen is undeniably one deserving to be used as a source of good kitchen design inspirations.

u shaped kitchen pendant lights faucet stove dining chairs table toaster painting cooking knives glass door
Matteo Bianchi Studio

Ever-awesome U-shaped Kitchen

This u-shaped kitchen will always look good be it in the day or during the night thanks to the white color dominating it and the various awesome things the cooking chamber houses.

u shaped kitchen stove modern dining chair hanging lamps bench pillow faucet cabinet shelves
Fiorella Design

Modern Monochromatic U-shaped Kitchen

Being a modern monochromatic u-shaped kitchen, this cooking chamber is one of the best sources of inspirations for anyone looking for modern u-shaped kitchen design ideas.

u shaped kitchen faucet modern lamps wall cabinet sink drawer bottles bowl countertop kitchen lighting
Drury Designs

High Gloss U-shaped Kitchen

With transparent chairs, a glass top dining table, and many other things that give it a glossy look, this kitchen is a very nice inspiration source for anyone trying to make u-shaped kitchen designs.

u shaped kitchen glass top dining table transparent dining chair faucet sink wood pattern glass
Alexander Otis Collection LLC

Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen

This u-shaped kitchen comes in the form of a beautiful farmhouse kitchen with innovative kitchen lamps, a beautiful wooden floor, an elegant curtain, and many more.

u shaped kitchen wooden floor innovative kitchen lights curtain hanging lamps faucet wall cabinets
Irina Tatarnikova

Elegant U-shaped Kitchen

With a lot of parts being colored in brown, this u-shaped kitchen is one homeowners trying to design kitchens that exude elegance should try drawing inspirations from.

u shaped kitchen wall cabinet wood brown floor ceiling fan faucet sink stove window ceiling lamp
Bennett Frank McCarthy

Cool Transitional Kitchen

A kitchen with wooden floor that offers a lot of brightness to its occupants, this kitchen is surely something any homeowners looking for u-shaped kitchen design ideas should peek at.

u shaped kitchen metal stove drawers ceiling lamps plates brown wooden floor wall storage shelf
Lindye Galloway Design

Bright and Fun

With white as one of the colors dominating it, this kitchen is quite bright and it offers a fun combination of things including a wooden floor, a cute hanging lamp, white wall cabinets, and a lot more.

u shaped kitchen flowers countertop sink faucet wall cabinet hanging lamp ceiling lamp dining chairs
H.P. Rovinelli Architects