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Small space kitchen can bring challenges in decorating it, especially if dining nook is in plan. However, these awesome dining nooks in the corner of the kitchen can give you perfectly well ideas on how can small corner can turn into an adorable nook to eat together.

Clean Corner
In this corner, the clean lines on the wooden bench looks modern and tidy. With pillows and cushion on the seating, it has been a great place to enjoy your food. If another seat is needed, you can just drag a chair close.

Little Bench
In this smallest corner in the kitchen, this one here can put a wooden bench just right. Added with round table, this has been a great place to have your breakfast. Positioned near the window, it won’t make the kitchen too cramped and it will give you view while eating.

Shelves Under
In small space kitchen, every space is priceless. And this one here enables to add more storage under the shelves of the corner dining nook. This is truly a great ideas to make everything look tidy on the surface.

Corner Dining Bar
This nook looks simple and matches the kitchen perfectly well. The corner sofa with metal legs brings modern vibe to the kitchen. Positioned nea the door it gives some spacious sight for those who sit around the table.

Classic Nook
While small space can look perfect with modern lines, this one here shows a brave look with the curve and classic details. It looks comfortable to see the smooth cushion under that fringe pendant.

Corner Sofa
This pretty and small corner here looks even smaller with its corner sofa that does not even touch the other furniture. It makes the corner seems larger. The addition of white stools does not heavy in sight.

Black and White
As black and white are neutral and make each other pronounced in sight, they are a great match especially in small space looking for modern and simple look.

Tiny Nook
This one here looks simple and tiny for a dining nook which is perfect for a small room. To make it more comfortable, thick fluffy cushion and pillows are added to the corner. The patterns on the pillows and cushions have made the corner rich in texture and patterns.

Corner Bench
Similar to the previous one, this one here also brings the smallest corner into a dining nook where you can enjoy your food. The shelves under the bench serves a great place to store your items to keep the small space tidy. The wooden bench and rattan baskets brings out natural warmth to the kitchen.

Simple Look
If you love to have the simplest look in the corner, you can put corner bench and round table to turn it into a dining nook. Of course, to make it pretty with beautiful details, cushion with the right color is needed to choose.

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