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white round soaking tub, white wall tiles, white floor tiles, wooden cabinet, golden faucet Myy Home Decor

White Large Bowl Tub, White Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, White Wall, Crystal Chandelier
White Square Soaking Tub, Grey Seamless Wall And Floor, Glass Partition, Fairy Lights, White Rattan Basket, Rack, Stool
White Square Soaking Tub, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Cream Marble Wall Tiles
White Round Soaking Tub, Geometrical Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Farmhouse Sink With Black Lines, White Sconce
White Round Soaking Tub, White Geometrical Wall Tiles, White Marble Wall, Glass Melted Pendant, Black Floor, Black Faucet
White Round Soaking Tub, White Wall Tiles, White Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Golden Faucet
White Soaking Tub, White Marble Floor Tiles, White Wall, Black Subway Tiles, Black Tiles, Dark Floating Shelves
Silver Metal Roun Soaking Tub, Black Square Floor Tiles, Black Subway Wall Tiles, Black Marble, White Stones, White Marble
White Round Soaking Tub, White Wall, Marble Shower Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Metal Faucet
White Round Soaking Tub, Blue Geometrical Wall And Floor Tiles, White Wall, Glass Window

Besides the regular long oval tub, relaxation in the bath tub can also be enjoyed in a soaking tub. It is a great option. With more height compare to the regular tub, soaking tub can get you submerge completely to the neck and getting water to soak you to the neck will help you get better relaxation. And with its usually round shape, it is not difficult to put inside. These below are beautiful bathroom with incredible look with soaking tub to pamper. If you’re looking for some combination you can do with soaking tub, these below are perfect examples to look at.

White Round Modern
In this modern bathroom, you would see how perfect the soaking tub is inside. The geometrical lines on the floor and wall create an interesting ambiance in which the soaking tub can look bold with its white smooth round shape.

Silver Tub
Using metal soaking tub can both look and feel interesting. If you love your water hot, you might want to choose stainless steel material. The ability to retain heat the longest, you would be able to sit in warm water longer. Or, if you are worried you would love it too much and spend too much time inside, you can choose aluminum material that will release heat faster.

Soaked Elegantly
Soaking tub really can get into any bathroom. This elegant bathroom with luxurious look on the shower wall looks just great with round soaking tub on the side. Plus, with the glass window, bright light brings great ambiance to the soaking tub area.

White Square
Although round soaking tub can be really comfortable, looking for something different like square shape can be interesting. In this one, the white square tub can look so pronounced and contrast with neutral wall and natural wooden material background.

Blooming Square
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts square soaking tub to offer relaxation. However, this one here put a further detail in the shape and make a larger top that makes the tub looks like it blooms. And with neutral seamless grey background and fairy lights at the back, it blooms beautifully.

White Black Setting
This modern bathroom looks so incredible with white and black setting. The wall is decorated either with geometrical pattern made of tiles or white marble that makes the room buzz with luxury. The melted model of bulb pendant complete the room nicely.

Small Bathroom
Because soaking tub does not necessarily has long shape, it can fit to even a small bathroom without making the room feels too crowded. In this small bathroom, the tub and sink is placed in line and the room is in color white while some interesting pattern decorate the floor.

Luxurious Setting
A larger soaking tub can still look amazing and interesting. It allows you to straighten your feet while still get the water up to your neck. Under a crystal chandelier, the setting looks luxurious and pretty.

Japanese Setting
AS soaking tub has been a culture for Japanese, it is nice to add something that would remind you of the calming Japanese interior, like plants or wooden stool, like this one.

Shower and Tub Combination
Just like the popular setting, this one here puts together shower and soaking tub in one place. This is perfect to save some space. And this one still add natural touches to make space looks fresh and large window to make it brighter.

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