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wooden brown table with beige chairs under the table Campbell Designs, LLC

Grey Round Bed Opened To Semi Round Sofa
A Square Wooden Kitchen Table With Wooden Chairs With Black Leather On Top
A Simple Bench With Green And Grey Cushions Opened As Dinner Set
Brown Wooden Mounted Table And Shelves
A Square Glass Top Table With Rattan Support, Triangular Chairs Made Of Rattan With Green Cushion
White And Black Table That Can Be Separated As Two Chairs
Wooden Brown Table With Beige Chairs Under The Table
A Brown Wooden Coffee Table With Black Leather Chairs Inside
A Round Table With White Chairs Compacted Under The Table
Yellow Dinner Table Set With White Top, Yellor Chairs With White Cushion Tidily Put Under

For those who have small living area, having space-saving furniture will help a lot, not to mention if the furniture have several functions. However, nowadays, as minimalism is the new cool, many people try to adopt this kind of living in any aspect of their life, even on the furniture. So, here’s below are some furniture that obviously will help you save some space in the house.


Cube Chairs

This one here is really smart and practical. At first, you think it’s coffee table or ottoman but it’s more than that. Although of course it can be used as ottoman and coffee table, it can also be opened and some chairs are untangled.


Under the Table

Here’s another furniture that will help you saving space. It’s a set of coffee table and small chairs. It’s great for living room where you can enjoy it with your family and friends. And if you’re finished with it, you can put all the chairs under the table and it’ll look like one great table.


Round Bed, Semi Round Sofa

This one is another great idea that will be perfect for you who love to have people coming over and stay for the night. This set can be put together as a bed and put apart as sofa. And both are modern and beautiful too.


A Bench of Dinner Table Set

This one is a very smart move on design. When you first see it, it’s only a simple bench with green and grey cushions but when more people are coming over and need a great time dining together, all you need to do is open everything and make it a dinner table set.


Yellow Dinner Table

Although this one is not entirely fold-able and adjustable, the tidy cutting of the chairs and table are so tidy that when the chairs are put under, it looks like it’s one. It’s great that nobody will trip over any part of the table or chairs.


Round Dinner Table

Similar with the previous ones, this dinner table is really cute and will help you save the space as all the chairs are easily tucked in under the table and when it’s placed perfectly, it can turn into a round table.


Tropical Set

Similar with the previous one, the idea of this one is also a table set where you can put all the chairs under the table. However, the best part about this one is that it is not only smart but it’s also beautifully made of rattan and the comfort of cushions.


Saved in Coffee TableĀ 

While the previous ones are table for dining, this one is more of a coffee table. Thus, it’s perfect for living room. And the black leather chairs inside the table is not always have to be used. It will only get out when it’s needed.


Black and White Table/Chairs

This one here is used only alternately. When you need a table, you can combine it and when you need chairs, you can separate it. Both are beautiful and easy to do.


Small Mounted Table/Shelves

It’s one of the common safe you can easily find, especially in a hotel room. It will help you save the space by using it long when you need it. You can put it down when you finish and left it as shelves for books or drinks.

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