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storage stairs in dark brown wooden with golden metallic handrails Apartment Therapy

Storage Stairs In Dark Brown Wooden With Golden Metallic Handrails
Toilet Under The Stairs With White Toilet, White Sink, White Floor, Bold Brown Wallpaper In One Side
Storage And Cabinet And Littles Shelves Under The Stairs
Storage Inside The Wooden Stairs That Is Slide Forward
Sliding Shoes Storage Under The Stairs
Bookshelves Inside Dark Wooden Stairs Without Hand Rails
White Brown Stairs With Artistiv Lamp, A Hallways Under
White And Brown Stairs With Rug, Seating In Window Sill
White Wooden Opened Shelves Under The Stairs
Home Office Space Under The Stairs With White Wooden Table, Brown Wooden Shelves, Brown Wooden Chairs

Are you one of those people who don’t like to see a wasted space? Do you want to make the most of it? Something useful, something pretty, that will be helpful in daily life? Well, then, you will not like it if under your stairs is left unused. Here below are some of the ideas on what you can do to maximize the space you have under the stairs.

Powder Room under the Stairs

It is a pretty standard idea but it’s still one of the most useful of all. With toilet under the stairs, you will always have extra toilet if the other toilet are used. And, it is definitely come handy when you have guests around your home and you don’t want them to use the one in your personal area.


Home Office under the Stairs

If you have children, this kind of thing will help you monitor your children on what they open when they surf. But, even if you don’t have children, this is one good thing to save space.


Shoe Racks under the Stairs

While the other let you do something under the stairs, this one let you keep a good care of your footwear. If your stairs is near the front door, this will be a huge help in keeping the shoes so that you can easily reach out to it when you want to go outside.


Storage inside the Stairs

While the previous one let you slide the storage from one side, this one here will be open if you slide it forward. With this one, you can determine until which steps that you can the storage kept. Although, it wouldn’t be too effective if you put the storage in all the steps.


Beautiful Shelves

Another thing that you can do to under the stairs is by having beautiful shelves. That way, you can have your room beautifully arranged. And as it is opened, it gives volume to the room.


A Way under the Stairs

This one here is really beautiful but it surely do not block all the area and still let a passage way under it. It makes it looks like something you read on fantasy book years ago when you’re children.


Yet another Beautiful Nook

Things you can do to stairs does not limit to the space under the stairs but also on the stairs. If you have quite space to adorn beautiful accessories or decoration, that would look lovely. This one here uses pillows and some kind of candle holder that makes it look romantic. And it is not only beauty but it can be useful too when you can sit and read a book or drink tea while waiting for the sun to come up.


Full Bookshelves

Those who love books will love to have this shelves on their home. Not only that it is beautifully built inside the stairs, it shows off their collection, and as this one can be deep, more books will be able to store.


Diverse Function

Besides being a pretty wooden stairs, this one also becomes storage for anything, and little shelves to put your accessories.


Artistic Stairs

Having small space doesn’t mean that you cannot have stairs. This one here has proved that really limited space will make stairs too. And, storage apparently. With old look and metallic handrail, this one is really attractive.

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