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cafe, white marble floor, white wall, wooden table, grey stools, grey chairs Lagala

Dining, Marble Floor, White Wall, Mirror, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Stools, Wooden Island
Cafe, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Wooden Long Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Floating Shelves
Cafe, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Grey Stools, Grey Chairs
Dining Room, White Wall, Glass Ceiling, Brown Bench Along The Wall, Brown Chairs, Wooden Round Table, Brown Sconces
Cafe, White Wall, Glass Ceiling, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Rattan Chairs
Dining Room, Marble Floor, White Wall, White Bench With Green Cushion, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Table, Brown Chairs
Cafe, Terrazzo Dining Tables, White Bench, White Chairs, White Wall
Cafe, White Patterned Floor, Grey Seamless Wall, Grey Pendants, Wooden Floating Bench, Brown Back, Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seat
Dining, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Stones, Pavement
Dining, White Marble Floor, White Table, Wooden Stools, Nook With White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Floating Shelves

When you eat outside, you would have some favorite place to spend the night and enjoy the food. If you have your own food business, you might want to see how you view your favorite place. These places might offer something more than just good: a comfortable ambiance. If you are looking for a pretty setting for dining, you would want to see some beautiful places below. With large and spacious room, these ones allow you to have a fresh and fun dining experience.

Along the Wall
This beautiful setting is supported with white wall and glass ceiling that makes the room looks really spacious. The brown bench along the wall gives a pronounce accent to show how the room is large while also making the space feels friendly and warm.

Simple Lines
This cafe makes a simple look yet also gives some line details on the bench, cushion and shelves. The lines in this room contrasts beautifully with the marble floor and the copper chairs.

Accents Here and There
This one here has an interesting setting with details put like accessories. The back of the bench and the sconce make unique accent for this cafe while the setting is neutral and natural with grey wall, pendants and white mosaic floor tiles.

Lanky Lines
Having lining details has indeed makes a higher effect in the room. This one here puts a really beautiful details with lanky lines in the stools, chairs, pendant even in the legs of the table. And this is in line with the light and bright setting.

Fun and Open
Having a fun setting in an open and spacious space is really precious. This one has combined white pretty wall embossed with flowers and leaves details with the fun in the details of the chair, back of the bench, and terrazzo top.

Natural Light
This beautiful dining room can be a great inspiration to an open cafe. The bright light comes from the beautiful ceiling that gives a pretty light. The neutral light colored wooden cabinet, chairs and island give the room even brighter ambiance.

Open and Small Natural Look
With this look, your minimalist cafe is pretty and fresh. The wooden island and dining set gives an easy and light look for the cafe and it brings out a comfortable ambiance.

Open and Fresh with Stones
This open space is perfect for a long hang out. This gives a fresh and comfortable ambiance. If you love this setting with stones and pavement, you can put the dining set on the pavement block while the stones keep the set fresh.

Simplicity Along the Wall
If the previous one puts bench along the wall, this one puts the table along the wall and create a nice place to hang out and also to work. The plants above the table makes a fresh look to the long lines.

Light Minimalist
This minimalist cafe makes a perfect look for those who love some focus. The light wooden furniture is pretty for the white exposed brick wall.

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