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Patio Firepit Sofa Ceramic Pot Arched Way Stairs Balcony Wall Sconce Lanterns Roof Tiles Flowering Courtyard
Arched Window Arched Door Tiled Roof Blue Trim Iron Fence Front Yard Small Balcony Path Way Ceiling Lamp Wall Mounted Lanterns Palm Trees
Arched Garage Arched Window Arched Door Stone Paving Brick Wall Roof Tiles Climbing Plants Balcony Wall Mounted Lanterns Chimney
Chimney Red Brick Paving Landscape Stone Wall Arched Doorway Arched Window Red Roof Tiles Ceramic Pot Wall Sconce White Stone
Arched Doorway Arched Window Wrought Iron Fence Balcony Roof Tiles Barn Garage Lantern Palm Leaf
Rock Garden Aquatic Garden Wooden Bridge Garden Lightning Arched Doorway Arched Window Wall Lanterns Stone Wall Roof Tiles
Wall Mounted Lanterns Brick Patio Arched Window Archway Fountain Balcony Courtyard Landscape Outdoor Bench
Patio Arched Door Roof Green Trim Flowering Firepit Green Cushions Armchairs
Stone Paving Palm Tree Entry Stairs Arched Dorrway Arched Window Glass Door Wall Sconce Balcony Brick Accent
Two Storey House Courtyard Pathway Arched Door Wall Mounted Lanterns Tiled Roof Stairs Stucco Trees

In the raise of varied modern design of houses, Spanish colonial home style is still favorite idea for some people. If you adore the Spanish colonial style as your home design, this article will provide you some ideas that may inspire you in designing your house.

Paradise Home in Spanish Colonial Style

It is two-story Spanish colonial house with concrete wall and brick wall. It is designed with the arched window and arched door. Wrapped in contemporary style, it has barn garage with the small balcony above it. This Spanish house is even more beautiful with the climbing plants on the sides of the garage and the garden in the courtyard.

Phoenix Spanish Colonial Home

You will find this great mansion of Spanish colonial home with the main features of arched way and some numbers of wall-mounted lanterns. It has open brick patio with some outdoor benches that allow you to enjoy the quality time with your family. It is more stunning because the patio is completed with the beautiful set of lightnings.

Tuscan Style Spanish Colonial Home

This Spanish colonial home has an open patio with firepit that is directly overlooking the dining room. This house also has awesome design of archway with beautiful lanterns on each side. You will find stairs that connect you to the upper balcony. It will be your perfect place to enjoy the day with your relative.

Spanish Colonial Home with Superb Garden

This great Spanish colonial home serves you very enchanting aquatic garden with some big rocks and plants as the features. It is completed with the wooden bridge and garden lights that make this house even more adorable. The house itself is designed with stone wall with arched doorway and some lanterns.

Hacienda Style Spanish Colonial Home

It is another heartwarming idea of Spanish colonial home with large front yard and stone paving. This house has two main buildings: one-story and two-story building that are separated by the stairs to upstair.

White Stone Home in Spanish Colonial Style

It is one-story home designed with white stone brick as the main material of its wall. Combined with red colors found on the windows trim, the house is beautifully stand out with stunning green courtyard.

Mediterranean Spanish Colonial Home

This house provides you with the large arched windows in blue trim. It is more appealing because this house is completed with the small balcony. In the courtyard, some palm trees planted to make this house more natural.

Traditional Spanish Home with Patio

This traditional Spanish home has an open patio completed with the firepit. The green cushion has the same tone with the window and door trim. This design is more beautiful with pink climbing flowers contrasted by its surrounding.

Contemporary Spanish Colonial Home

It is a Spanish colonial home wrapped in contemporary style. This house has large brick paving with the arched doorway. This house is designed with two balconies and some brick accents on its wall.

Custom Home of Spanish Colonial Style

This two-story house is designed with the arched doorway and windows which are completed with two balconies. There are small stairs in the entry way connected with the red brick pathway. This house is undeniably fresh with some trees planted around the house.

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