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complicated spiral wooden stairs with black meta as handrails We Love Modern

White Stair Circled From The Bottom To Top
Spiral Stairscase With Black Metal Material, Wooden Handrail Supported With Black Metal Fence
Dark Wooden Stairs Circled With Lighter Wooden Support, Without Handrails In Small Space With White Wall
Dark Wooden Box Zigzagged Stairs In Small Place With White Wall
White Metal Spiral Stairs With Wooden Path, White Metallic Handrails In Small Places With White Wall, Brown Rug, And Built In Bookshelves
Wooden Blcok Stairs Circled In Small Space With White Wall, Yellow Chair
Circular White Wooden Stairs In Small Space
Book Shelves Box Of Stairs With Wire Protector As Hand Rail
Complicated Spiral Wooden Stairs With Black Meta As Handrails
Wooden Stairs Zigzag In Small Space With Squares Handrails

Stairs has been an important part of a house that sometimes people just don’t put much attention to its beauty, only in its function. If people put attention to it as much as the other part of the house, they can have beautiful stairs that complemented their own home. And with the right choice, it might make the house even better in function or in beauty. One of the challenges in making stairs is the space. When you have wide space, you have no problem in making it as grand as possible. However, you can’t be too picky when it comes to small space. Rest assured, it doesn’t mean that you will be left with one particular types. Now let’s see how stairs can look in small space.

White Spiral

This one is one of the most common types of stairs you see in small space: spiral stairs. It saves your space although sometimes people find it too cramped and more dangerous compares to the wide one. Well, this one is made not too cramped and safe enough to anybody to walk on it as it has wall and white metallic fence in top part.


Wooden Block

If you want something more artistic, you can rely on wood. With wooden stairs, your stair will brings out its natural vibe and it’s beautiful too. It also gives warm vibe to the room it is in.


Dark Wooden Stairs

This is similar to the previous stairs regarding of the material. However, you can see that instead of wooden blocks, it has light feature of wooden boards that are supported with long wooden pole.


Zigzagging Stairs

There are many shapes of stairs and this is one of the cutest with its wooden stairs that has zigzag surfaced. This stairs is not only interesting, it is also creative and it has met its function.


Stack of Boxes

Besides things about how your stairs will function in its small space, this one here also manages to have two functions: as stairs and bookshelves. This one doesn’t look thick at all in small space. You can put home office in the side of bookshelves too. It is not multifunction by itself but it lets the space around it to work at it maximum too. Although without handrails, this one is quite safe as it has black wire horizontally set for people’s protection.


Curvy Spiral Staircase

Even though it is a spiral staircase, it doesn’t have any look of cramped. In fact, it looks quite breezy with its lanky black metallic handrails and wooden boards of stairs.


High Spiral Stairs

This one here built in a really small space in order to reach quite high place and that’s why it looks so high. In a supposedly cramped place like this, the furniture will look too dense and solid but with boards of stairs supported solely to the pole, it looks light. And to protect people from having acrophobia, a white slim metal handrail is provided.


Small Short Stairs

Contrary to the previous staircase, this one here is built in order to reach shorter place and because of that, it doesn’t need handrail. Its shape is also simple like it’s just a small addition to the house.


Through the Lace Metal

This is another spiral staircase that looks really beautiful because of its lace motif on the stairs. And because of its black metal material, it looks so strong and elegant at the same time.


Zigzagging Box

This one is another zigzagging stairs made of wooden blocks that looks creative you will smile when you look at it. It’s both simple and beautiful at the same time. Arranged in really small space, the wall has become its handrail in both sides.

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