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dining nook, white built in bench, square wooden table, black chair with rattan seating and back, windows, sconces Pickled Barrel

Corner Dining Nook, White Corner Bench, Blue Leather Cushion, White Pendants, White Wall, White Shelves, Square Wooden Table, Wooden Stool
Dining Nook, Floating Wooden Square Bench And Table, Wooden Wall, Wooden Ceiling
Dining Nook, White Bench Corner With Blue Cushion, Blue Pillows, White Bamboo Chairs With Blue Seating, Blue Pendant, White Square Table
Dining Nook, White Built In Bench, Square Wooden Table, Black Chair With Rattan Seating And Back, Windows, Sconces
Dining Nook, Polished Wooden Bench And Chair With Pink Cushion, Wooden Table With Details
Dining Nook, Sturdy Wooden Bench With Brown Leather Cushion, Black Back, Square Wooden Table, Small Stool With Rattan Seating
Grey Metal Dining Nook, Withblack Cushion On Corner Bench And Bench, Black Table Top
Small Dining Nook With Black Square Table, Black Wooden Bench, Black Wooden Corner Bench
Dining Nook, White Corner Bench With White Cushion, Rectangular Wooden Table With Slanting Legs, Black Miidcentury Chair, Open Brick Wall, Pendant
Simple Wooden Built In Floating Bench And Table

Dining nook has been a charming items in the kitchen especially when it has small space and put in the corner. When the space is limited, round table is chosen as it can hold more without using too much space. However, it does not mean that square table cannot do that. Arranged well, even square dining nook can give you as much as the round one can, along with the unique and unusual look. Below are some examples that you might find some inspirations from.

Japanese Style
Japanese style always offers an irresistible look of natural material use of wood. And it is seen perfectly in this square dining table. With its simple look on the floating square table and bench, it shows perfect look with all the clean lines and texture.

Mid Century Modern Look
As mid century modern style like clean lines, it is understandable that rectangle dining nook will be present in modern style. The interesting thing about this one here is the slanting support legs of the table that brings even more pretty lines to the nook.

Warm Leather
If strict lines offers too stark vibe, warm colored leather is the perfect match that will balance the look perfectly. Raw look table will reinforce the warmth in the room as well.

Stark Black
To empower the clean and stark lines, black is probably one of the best options. And combining together, black and clean lines are a strong point as you can see here. It is a great contrast and balance to a warm room.

Simple Built-In
Similar to the Japanese style, this one here also goes with the simple floating table and bench. However, instead of built it along the window, this one here has it on its own and can be positioned anywhere you want it to be.

Fresh Look
Although square dining nook can give stark and minimalist look that some people are not a fan of, arranged in different taste, it can be fresh like this one. With its blue clear vase, rattan seating chair, light wooden table, and window so pretty, the sight of it itself has been so gorgeous.

Blushing Nook
Using pink as a dining nook can make it sweeter and fresher especially if the room is already in neutral colors. Seen in this one here, the pink cushion is a set for the corner bench and chair that it adjust really well each other. The rectangular wooden table is not at all clean with its details.

Light Look
As dining nook is usually chosen for its space saver power, it might be even better when you can find the one that can help you to save the space from look too. This light and thin look dining set can answer such challenge with its lanky metal legs and thin black cushion.

Modern Charm
With its clean lines that interestingly curve the table, stool, and corner bench, this one here has presented a really appealing look of corner dining nook. The group of white pendants on the ceiling adds even more beauty in it.

Pretty Details
For those who love pretty small details but still want the clean lines of square dining nook, combining both is a great idea to do. With the white bamboo chairs with pretty pattern on the back, this square dining nook has its own pretty edge.

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