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stairs, black wooden platform, round white framed Gagohome

Stairs, Black Wooden Platform, Round White Framed
White Floor Tiles, White Platform, Wooden Cover
Staircase, Grey Stairs, Wooden Blocks Stair, Round Glass Windows
White Staircase, White Long Fences From The Ceiling, Large Platform
Wooden Stairs, Metal Fences From The Ceiling, Grey Floor, Tree Branches In The Middle
Grey Stairs With Installation On The Wall, White Exposed Wall
Circular Staircase, Dark Purple Carpeted, Without Fence
Grey Stairs With Corners, Blue Wall, Without Fence
Black Stairs, Green Platform, LED Lights, Brown Floor Tiles
Staircase, White Wall, Black Fences, Wooden Stairs

Staircase is an important thing that you cannot separate from a building with more than one level. Stairs can come in simple look and it can come in more complicated design. It can come with brilliant design when you know what you want. If you’re looking for some inspirations of stunning stairs ideas, here below is the perfect place to start.

Twisted Black
This black staircase looks strong and bold. Stairs in this one put an interesting design with its twisted look on the holder that looks bold. It is also supported by green stairs and LED lights on each platform.

Wooden Covered
This one here is simpler compared to the previous one but it has an interesting details. The wood cover above the stairs brings the staircase to warm and natural ambiance.

Circular Staircase
This staircase is really beautiful and amazing. And it is not only because of its thin and luxurious circular look but also because the absences of the fences that brings out light and open feeling to the room. The simple setting brings the easy sight but the details brings out the elegance.

See Through
This staircase puts an interesting design with its hanging wooden stairs. This unique look makes it amazing especially with tree branches in the middle of the staircase. This makes the staircase to be a fresh and unique point in the room, or even in the house.

Grey Corner
This staircase looks really simple with its triangle look but it actually really brilliant. the corner and the line that makes the corner create an interesting shadow all over the wall. It looks like the shadow of the staircase itself.

Floating Staircase
This staircase makes an interesting look with its floating setting. The two stairs are merged into one and installed to the white exposed wall. This makes the staircase looks open and gorgeous.

Curvy Staircase
If you love brilliant designed staircase, you would love this one here. The curve on the fence puts out a stunning finish along with the curve on its long body. The staircase comes out strong yet soft and warm at the same time.

White Platform
This one here puts a strong effect with its white platform in the middle and at the bottom of the staircase. This white stairs look elegant with its simple design and marble look. Supported with long white fences, this staircase makes an interesting finish.

Some Spotlights
This one here makes a fresh and unique staircase with its round glass windows that send the light easily to illuminate the stairs dramatically pretty. And it is also supported with wooden blocks that becomes the hub of the grey stairs.

Journey through Space and Time
This one here is amazing and perfect for those who are sci-fi lover. The funnel is made in white and round shape that makes it looks like it comes out from your favorite sci-fi novels or movies.

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