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contemporary white skylights dark marble wall light marble floor free standing tub spacious glass window Rabaut Design

Elegant Pendant Lights Mirror Light Glass Shelves Wooden Cabinet Spacious Undermount Sink
Glass Wall Reflecting Mirror Wall Undermount Sink Modern White Cabinet Free Standing Oval Bathtub
Built In Bathtub Pebble Floor Glass Window Comfy Shower Space White Pendant Light
Undermount Round Tub Dark Marble Floor Cove Lightning Wooden Ceiling Hole Ceiling Glass Slide Glass Window
Wall Mounted Faucet Decorative Wall High Ceiling Chrome Light Free Standing Bathtub Large Glass Window
Contemporary White Skylights Dark Marble Wall Light Marble Floor Free Standing Tub Spacious Glass Window
Modern Free Standing Bathtub Dark Wooden Floating Shelves Light Porcelain Floor
Undermount Bathtub Brown Pendant Lights Doorless Shower Space Glass Window Black Floor Tiles
Dark Marble Wall Light Marble Floor Ceiling Shower Contemporary Designed Towel Rack Glass Slide
Slanted White Roof Patterned Floor Tiles Glass Door Free Standing Oval Bathtub Double Ceiling Shower

Bathroom is one of important spaces in a house. Some people do not only want to use it as its functions but also to express their inspiration on its design. Good design and functional space will be the ideal longing of standard bathroom size.

Elegant Layout

The design of this bathroom is indeed simple. The white free-standing and dark wooden floating shelves are heavenly matched creating the elegant view.

Dark Clever Design

If you are too bored with light color most bathrooms have, this design is preferable for you. The wall are dominated by dark marble and the floors are lighter. The design of towel rack makes this bathroom more contemporary.

Contemporary and Natural

It allows you to enjoy the nature in modern designed space by its large glass window. There are three different spaces separated by glass slide: shower, bathtub, and toilet. It is so suitable for people loving relaxing in bathroom.

Adorable Lights

You don’t have to worry if you have limited space of bathroom. This one is designed as simple small bathroom yet still gorgeous with the pendants lights, glass shelves and mirror wall.

Classic Comfort

This adorable bathroom seems classic offering the elegant modern feeling. The brick wall and the marble floor are well suited with the undermount tub. The cove lightning is another beauty that this design offers.

High Ceiling

This design is so unique with the open concept you will no regret. The high ceiling and decorative wall are indeed the need of all busy people to comfort themselves.

Slanted Roof

slanted white roof patterned floor tiles glass door free standing oval bathtub double ceiling shower

Urban Future

This design of bathroom is highly recommended for you who love the simplicity but still wrapped in unique feature. The patter tiles, slanted roof, tub and the ceiling showers are all incredible.

Asian Custom Style

The gorgeous points rely on the brown dominated features with its pendant skylight, cabinet and floating shelves. The doorless shower space is the other interesting part for sure.

Modern White

The special design of spacious glass window enabling you to enjoy the outdoor view while bathing. The cabinet is so clean and white added with marble as well as wooden floor. It’s everyone’s dreaming bathroom.

Pebble Floor

The pebble floor in this design is so stunning. It seems classic yet well-decorated with the glass door and the other features.

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