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ceiling with grey paint, hexagonal reflecting material with chandelier Apartment Therapy

A Room With Rug Flooring, Blue Sofa, Plants, Wooden Antique Cabinet, Large Painting, Curtain, Glass Application On The Ceiling, Chandelier
Ceiling With Patterned Coffered, Silver Painted Part Inside, Chandelier
Living Room With Chevron Tiles, Corner Sofa, Round Coffee Tables, Side Table, Large Windows With White Curtains, Gold Ceiling
A Study Room With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Patterned Blue Ceiling With Chandelier, White Cabinet With Wooden Table Top, Chairs, White Cupboards
Ceiling With Grey Paint, Hexagonal Reflecting Material With Chandelier
A Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Animal Print Chair, Animal Print Rug, Dark Grey Wall, Artistic Chandelier, Round Coffee Table, Patterned Ceiling
Bathroom With Grey Flooring, Rug, White Bathtub, Stool, Shelves, Uneven Ceiling With Chevron Wooden Pattern On One Side, Clear Fan
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Platform Bed, Brown Bedding, White Cabinet, Grey Accent Wall With Round Motives, White Ceiling With Lamps And Different Level Of Boards
Kids Room With Light Blue Floor, White Wall, Orange Ceiling, Interesting Pendant, Orange Curtain, Cribs, White Orange Table
Nursery With Wooden Floor, Rug, Chair, Baby Changing Station, Blue Wall, Ceiling With Birds Picture, Chandelier

Ceiling has been quite neglected sometimes. It is usually left bare and the only thing that will beautify a ceiling is a chandelier or hanging pendant. However, sometimes, it is not enough. Sometimes, a room needs something more memorable, something stronger to leave a great impression. Well, ceiling actually can help that area, sometimes even better than accent walls. Let’s see how different the room will be with statement ceiling.


Irregular Pattern

One of the things that can be done in making statement ceiling is by having it drawn by painters, or putting wallpaper on top. If a strong pattern is too much, a soft and not obvious one might be a great start for those who want to try giving a unique excitement.


Elegant Gold

Painting the ceiling will give a certain effect to the room. With gold like this, elegant force is felt around the room both because of the color it self and because of the light reflected on the ceiling to the room.


Grand Drawing

Next thing that can be done to a ceiling is making a great drawing on it that consist of painting it and drawing it with texture. Wooden frames can be installed to create an expensive effect to the ceiling.


A Little Reflection 

Creating a statement sometimes needs a strong and unique trait. And adding a piece of reflection to the ceiling can help that. When the lamp is turned off, the natural light will create a unique light around it. And when the light is turned on, it will make the room brighter. It can also be a great solution to energy saving.


Blissful Reflection

Similar to the previous one, this one also carries on the reflection piece on the ceiling. Although the piece of reflection is bigger and it creates even stronger effect to the room. With hexagonal motives installed quite irregular to the entire ceiling, this one creates a unique sight.


Different Level of Surface

One of the things that can create a statement ceiling is by adding some different levels to the ceiling. This way, the ceiling will have a large portion of texture and accent. This kind of ceiling will create different kind of depth to the room. And added with lights, it surely a great idea to create a strong statement.


Beautifully Coffered

Another way to create texture and depth is by adding coffered to the ceiling. This is a common way to do in public, however, not everybody is bold enough to create such depth. Not to mention the silver painted part inside the coffer that makes it has mysterious gleams.


Floor on the Ceiling

For those who want to create a unique effect to the ceiling by adding something that is used to be on the floor, well, that’s an impressive idea. It’s a great concept and it can be done, just like this one, for example. Putting chevron patterned wood on the ceiling here is obviously for the win. Not just that the ceiling is making statement, without the statement itself, this room’s ceiling is already unique. Adding statement ceiling adds even stronger notion to the room.


Birds on the Ceiling

Statement ceiling has been a great idea to any room, but especially for nursery or kid’s room. With kids, everything is celebrated in colors and pictures and having statement ceiling for kids enables the kids to celebrate their fun. The easiest way to do it of course by putting wallpaper to ceiling.


Shocking Orange

When it comes to kids, cheerful colors are welcome. This one here uses shocking orange as the ceiling color and leaving anything in complementing style with white wall, cribs, and table, but still adding orange to the chair and drawer. This makes the room feel so energized and cheerful.

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