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luxurious grandeur velvet storage bench Houzz

Green Storage Bench With White Cushion And Four Doors
Leafy Green Simple Storage Bench With Flip Top
Contemporer Modern White Storage Bench With Flip Top
Pink Storage Bench Accented With Tufted Button And With Two Ottomans
Luxurious Grandeur Velvet Storage Bench
Grey Simple Storage Bench With Flip Top
Black Leather Storage Bench With Storage Uner The Seat And Arm Rests
White Storage Bench With Three Drawers And Three Baskets
Raw Brown Wooden Handmade Storage Bench
White Storage Bench With Four Slots Storage And Two Baskets

When you have small space in your home, it can be really tricky where you can keep stuffs that you still want to use in short time. But worry no more because you will be able to have additional storage in your bench that you put in your living room or bedroom. And it comes with various model too.

Black Leather Storage Bench

If you love conservative leather sofa, you will love to have this one in your room. It looks comfortable as bench and has large space for storage with three cabinets in the arm rest and under the cushion.

Stylish Ottoman

Storage can be in any shape, even in an ottoman. With its neutral color, you can have ottoman that can functioned as storage.

Pink Storage Bench

For girls or anyone who love pink, this will suit the very best. If you want to make your room more cheerful, this will be a good option. With two matching ottomans, it looks chic and modern. With its size, you can keep your magazines and books.

Wooden Storage Bench

For you who loves original piece, you will love this one because it’s handmade. And you can see two cabinets storage under the seat.

White Traditional Bench

The storage is hidden under the flip top and covered with four diagonal patterns in front. The color is in white. It can make your room brighter.

Elegant Classic Storage Bench

With this rich and luxurious bench, no one will ever imagine you have storage inside. It is in the shade of brown with tufted buttons. The compartment inside is large enough for you to keep medium large stuffs.

Leafy Green Storage Bench

With this pretty bench, you can have fresh storage bench with quite large space to keep your stuffs. It is in the shade of green velvet accented with tufted button and 4 wooden legs.

Green Simple Storage Bench

From the outer you can see that under the storage is under the white cushion. With its stylish 4 doors, you can be sure that the compartment inside is quite large.

White Modern bench with Wicker Basket

This one is simply amazing with its three drawers and three wicker baskets that will make sure you have all the space you need for your stuff. And it will be easily found when you need it.

Cute Little Bench

This white bench is really beautiful in its white finish. With 4 slots and two baskets, you can separate the small and big stuffs into its place.

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