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Storage Chaise Wooden Floor Mediterranean Rug Glass Windows Rustic Rack Wall Sconces Rattan Basket White Bedding Metal Ceiling Fan
Storage Chaise White Chaise White Skirt Armchairs White Cabinet White Shelves Sliding Glass Doors Wooden Floor White Coffee Table Glass Windows
Storage Chaise Blue Tufted Chaise Pillows White Pendant Lamp White Display Rack Cabinet Stools Glamorous Black Side Table Wall Sconce Fireplace
Storage Chaise Brown Throw Beige Rug Wooden Floor Black Coffee Table Recessed Lighting Tray Ceiling Artwork Tan Walls Brown Bench Side Table Stools
Storage Chaise Beige Bed Headboars Stools Gold Beddig Sunburst Wall Mirror Golden Yellow Curtains Windows Pillows Floor Lamp Side Table
Storage Chaise Silk Bedding Grey Headboard Grey Walls Black Nightstands Black Dresser Round Wall Mirror White Windows Table Lamps Pillows
Storage Chaise Bowls Chandelier Purple Chaise Shag Rug Rattan Hanging Chair White Walls Green Chair Shag Trow Glass Windows Wooden Floor White Built In Shelves Floor Lamp
Storage Chaise White Brick Wall Fireplace Large Brown Chaise Gold Floor Lamp White Shag Pillows Armchairs White Side Table White Cabinet Curtains
Storage Chaise Large Floor Lamp Brown Leathered Sofa White Marble Coffee Table Brown Shag Rug Frosted Glass Foors White Cabinet Beige Floor Tiles Glass Walls And Windows
Storage Chaise Glass Windows White Sofa Brown Pillows Wooden Coffee Table Wooden Shelves Drawers Fireplace Table Lamp

A piece of furniture can have more function than it can be. You can find many furniture items which may be seating as well as a daybed or storage. These modern furniture items are smart choices for people who like space-saving items. A chaise is a furniture piece which often has storage under it. A chaise is usually used as a comfy seating or a daybed, but when it has built-in storage it will be more valuable. You can find many styles and designs of chaise with storage. The following are some storage chaise ideas you can buy to be one of your home furniture which you can also keep your belonging.

A Blue Velvet Chaise

This beautiful blue tufted chaise looks so gorgeous in this family room. It has a wooden base and a small space as storage on it. The velvet blue fabric makes this seat more interesting among the natural colored room features.

Wide Glass Windows

If you are thinking about getting a dark colored chaise for the family room, this is a good example. This one will catch people eye with its minimalist design and high-quality fabric.

The Cozy Storage Chaise

Rather than being packed with heavy furniture, a room that is furnished with the neutral color and by placing minimalist yet cozy furniture items are the better way. This cozy room provides a purple chaise, a hanging chair, and a window bench.

A Neutral Colored Room

This seating room combines white, beige, and brown as the color scheme. It looks pretty well and clean. The white chaise and white armchairs have skirt covering and become the comfortable seating space.


Brown Storage Chaise

Instead of setting a sofa or some armchairs in your family room, you can have two large brown chaises. These chaises are facing each other and separated by the wooden coffee table. Put some throw and pillows in their storage.

The Large Chaise with Side Table

The oversize chaises give plenty of cuddling room. Put a minimalist floor lamp and side table beside the chaise can make it a comfy reading space. This large storage chaise may provide spacious storage as well.


A Chaise for Bedroom

Here is an idea to have a storage chaise in a bedroom. It can be a very comfortable seating which can also keep your spare pillows or even some clothes. Choose the color which is the same as the bedding.



Complete The Chaise

A table at the end of chaise will be so much help for you to put a cup of coffee or some books. Put some pillows and a throw neatly and it is good to use.

The Bedroom Seating

You can make a creative seating using the storage chaise. Put at the end of the bed with some small pillows on it.

Beige And Gold

This glamorous bedroom is so adorable. The beige and golden color scheme fills this room beautifully. A gold floor lamp with black shade and a small side table completes the chaise existence.

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