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study, brown rug, white wall, large glass windows, tall white shelves, black lounge chair Cafe Mom

Study, White Table, Wooden Chair, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bookshelves, White Ceiling, White Framed Glass Windows
Study, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Metal Framed Window, White Chair, Woden Table With Black Metal Legs
Study, Brown Rug, White Wall, Large Glass Windows, Tall White Shelves, Black Lounge Chair
Study, Wooden Table, White Wall, Metal Chair, Wooden Floor
Study, Wooden Floor, White Plank Wall And Ceiling, White Pendant, Wooden Table With Drawers, Wooden Chair, Plants, Window
Study, Rug, White Bottom Cabinet, White Shelves, White Framed Glass Window And Ceiling, Wooden Floating Table, White Chair
Study, Large Glass Windows, White Wall, Black Built In Table, Wooden Chair, Floating Shelves
Study, White Wall, Tall Glass Window, Wooden Floor, Black Floating Table, Black Wooden Chair, Wooden Stool
Study, Pink Accent Wall, Brown Floor, White Wall, Black Wooden Table, Gery Black Chair
Study, Wooden Table, Whtie Floor, White Wall, White Framed Glass Window

Having a serious yet refreshing study can make your focus comes flowing well. You will have the mood to get on your work while you can also have some time out to enjoy the outside view. That it why, for some people, having study near glass window can be stimulating and perfect in any way. If you think so too, you would want to see these studies near glass window. Not only that they are pretty, but they are also practical and comfortable.

Easy Thing
Having a large glass window can make anyone grateful. The air is circulated well and the room is bright. An easy thing to do in creating a study with these benefits is putting a wooden table in front of it. This one here shows an easy move by putting wooden table and a white modern chair to complete the function.

Small Study
Similar to the previous one, this one also put a simple move to create this cozy study space. Only with small wooden table completed with drawers and metal chair, this study is perfect especially for temporary study.

Use the Space
This study here is a perfect use of the space near the large glass door. The black built-in table and shelves is a perfect built for the glass door.

Natural Look
This study room is really pretty with natural wood look on the floor and table set. They are balanced with white plank look on the wall and ceiling and white framed window. This traditional and classic look can help you get tranquil mood to focus on your work.

Craft Room
A study can be positioned in a room together with some creative progress. This is seen in the picture below where a small study is placed in the middle of a room with large and bright windows.

Window Nook
Window nook can be used for many things. One of them is study space, like this one here. With large glass window, the study looks bright and fun. This will allow the study to look less intimidated and serious.

Soft Pink
Creating some study space in the balcony with large glass window can be a great idea too. It is bright and isolated from the rest of the house.

Small Nook
This one here is an interesting idea in turning small nook to be a study. The small space will help you focus. But the glass window will give you some escape when your work is too serious of you need some distraction.

Under the Sun
This one here steps further by also using glass window in the ceiling. This creates abundance of bright light and the feeling that you actually work outdoor. This makes the outside feels nearer.

Room of Light
This one here practically has room of light as the large windows and doors are glass. Working on your job or study here, you would have all the light in the world.

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