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study, wooden floor, white wall, blue upper cabinet, grey background, wooden shelves, wooden built in table and bench, blue bottom cabinet, pink chair Contemporist

Study On Hallway, Wooden Floor, Floating Shelves Table, Black Background, White Wall, Black Office Chair
Study, Black Wooden Wall, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Ratan Seat Chair
Study, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Cupboard, White Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Glass Sconce
Study, Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Partition, Grey Pendant, Grey Sofa, Grey Patterned Rug,
Study, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Chair With Red Cushion, Wooden Table With Little Drawers On Top, Red Lamp
Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Upper Cabinet, Grey Background, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Built In Table And Bench, Blue Bottom Cabinet, Pink Chair
Study, Small Table, Black Midcentury Modern Chair, White Wall, White Exposed Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Rug, White Coffee Table, Grey Sofa
Study, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Yellow Cabinet, Patterned Rug
Study, Grey Wall, Grey Shelves, Grey Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Black Talbe Lamp
Built In Study, Wooden Material, Floating Shelves, Black Chair, Floating Table, Grey Cabinet, Grey Floor,

Study space can be really important when you often bring back your own work, or children need to study for their school. However, sometimes we just don’t have the space to create study anymore. If you think yo really need a study but you do not have the space, you can try to cram it in space you probably still have. Here below are some simple yet amazing ideas to make it happen in the house.

Shelves Table
One of the preferable places that you can put study area is the hallway. If you have hallway of some long wall without any use, you would be able to put a nice shelves table to create a study like this one. With black background on the shelves, the shelves table looks strong in the hallway, especially when it is floating on the wall and save a light look.

In the Living Room
Putting a study table near the living room can be one of the options you can do. Beside the entertainment cabinet, a study table can be placed and decorated simple. The area on study table can be decorated in neutral and natural setting.

Small Spot
In this one, the living room on the other side of the room separated with glass partition. The small and simple study table looks light and matches perfectly well with the design in the living room. The neutral and comfortable look puts an ease to the living room and study space.

Behind the Partition
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts the study table behind the partition of the room. The glass partition makes the room looks less pressuring but the classic wooden table with little drawers on top makes a nice and beautiful touch.

Comfortable Circumstance
In this one, the study looks sturdy and strong with wooden table and chair complete it. Position behind the partition to the living room, it easily has a comfort ambiance as the partition does not stretch long. However, it is still easy to have some concentration.

Among the Storage
This one below puts the study table between a shelves and cupboard. Putting a study beside a shelves can help you get the focus more as it brings an ambiance of strong concentration. A simple study table looks light and amazing among the tall and sturdy furniture.

Beside the Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one also a great setting with a study table positioned beside the shelves. It is the right combination and it brings focus even more. The simplicity of the table and the lean chair would help you to focus.

Blue Study
This one here is another perfect study design. It can be positioned on the long wall. The combination of the painted cabinet, shelves, bench and table looks incredible and fun. This gives you not only a place to get some focus but also a place to relax.

Black and Modern
In this one, the study looks modern with black wooden plank, shelves and table. And it is only positioned around the corner. Nicely designed, although it is on the hallway, it looks comfortable to study and work there.

Wooden and Built-in
If you are looking a nice and simple setting for study in the hallway, this one gives a perfect inspirations. Wooden built-in setting, the study is linked with the area along the hallway. Simple designed with floating table and shelves, this area is a perfect place to drive focus in.

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