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green study desk, acrylic handler and legs, white chair, table lamp Pinterest

Long Dark Wooden Study, Black Table Lamp, Black Modern Chair
Wooden Study Desk, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Chair With White Seat
White Desk With Golden Handler, Wooden Floor, Blue Chair, Blue Patterned Rug, White Wall, Golden Table Lamp
Green Study Desk, Acrylic Handler And Legs, White Chair, Table Lamp
Piano Shaped Study Table, Brown Wallpaper, Pink Chair, Wooden Floor, Blue Patterned Rug
White Black Patterned Table, Drawers, Golden Handler And Legs, White Chair, Golden Table Lamp
Wooden Study Desk, Golden Lines, Golden Table Lamp, Pink Modern Chair, Brown Floor Tiles
Long White Desk With Golden Lines, White Chair, White Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Gold Table Lamp
Wooden Study Desk With Rattan Wooden Partition On The Side, Table Lamp, Blue Chair
Green Wooden Table, Golden Legs, Green Chair With Brown Legs

Doing your work at home can have many challenges. At home, you would likely feel so comfortable that sometimes you have some difficulties in concentrate in doing your work or study. However, it is also supposed to be comfortable as sitting too long in your study desk could tire you and if you’re getting tired easily, your work would not get done. Creating study desk at home, you would also choose the one that can please you. If you’re loving simple and modern look, you would this one below. This is a compilation of modern study table that would help you get your work done while also beautify your room in simple and modern look.

Stacking Storage
This wooden study table gives an interesting design with drawers to give you storage. The traditional look of the table does not make the table look too sturdy and thick. The slim and simple design makes the setting pretty and comfortable to work on.

Rattan Partition
This study table create a natural and modern look at once. The simple design brings out modernity while the rattan details puts out natural ambiance to the room. The legs on both the table and chair give a light and simple touch to the setting.

Long and Simple
This is another simple study table that would help you get your focus and comfort. The simple and sleek design helps you stay sharp while the long space gives you more room to roam your papers and laptop.

Golden Sleek
If you love something elegant and modern, you would love this one. The sleek design is so pretty and the golden accent brings pretty lines to the setting. The pink cushion puts out something contrast yet so soft as well.

Elegant Pink
This pink study setting is really amazing with its soft and warm ambiance. The curve of the study table and the back of the chair gives out a gorgeous detail. This curve puts out a comfortable ambiance that you might want for your hard work.

White Golden Study
If you love elegance stuff, you would love this neutral yet elegance white golden study table. The white table is prettily decorated with golden lines, not only the legs but also on the table lamp.

Modern White
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives a modern look with white table. This one also has golden touches, seen on the handler, table lamp, and blue office chair. The combination of white and blue create a chic and trendy look.

Shiny Green
This study table gives off an expensive look with its shining surface. The dark green table supports it too, along with the glass handler and legs. It is completed with white chair and table lamp.

Pretty Patterns
This pretty study table makes the prettiest decoration while giving you everything you need from a study table. It gives you a place to put your work whole and keep whatever you need in the drawers.

Green Curve
Similar to the curvy study table, this one also has the comfortable ambiance serves by the curve. The green blue combination makes it a pretty and interesting study setting.

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