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wooden study by the window, white built in window seat with colorful striped cushion, wooden accent, white chair Home Ideal

Study Nook By The Window, Blue Wall, White Box, White Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Built In Bench, Grey Cushion
Window Seat, Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Adjustable Table, White Wall, Blakc Shade
Window Nook, Floating Wooden Table, Floating Shelves, White Cabinet, Wooden Platform, White Bedding, White Cupboard
Window Nook, White Built In Bench, Grey Cushion, White Floating Table, Wooden Chair, Wooden Floor, Colorful Rug, White Wall,
Dark Wooden Bench By The Window, Leather Cushion, Wooden Wall, Window With Shade, Black Rug, Seamlessfloor
Window Seat, With White Storage, Yellow Cushion, Grey Shade, Wooden Table, Green Chair, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Floating Shelves
Window Nook With Built In Bench, Wooden Built In Side Table, White Cushion With Pillow And Back, Black Table Lamp, Wooden Floor, White Rug
Window Nook, White Built In Bench, Grey Cushion, Wooden Adjustable Table, Wooden Wall
Wooden Study By The Window, White Built In Window Seat With Colorful Striped Cushion, Wooden Accent, White Chair
Living Room, Wooden Window Seat, Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, Black Table, Grey Cushion

Window nook has been used to many different functions. It depends on where the windows are located. When windows are located on the kitchen, it might become dining nook but when it is located on the bedroom, it might become a reading nook. These ones here will show you ten brilliant study nooks by the window that can be anywhere in your house.

Window Nook
This one here might look like a simple reading nook. However, with built-in side table on the wall, it is possible to get your study and work here too. You would be able to do both reading and working here.

Small Study
Here, the window is completed with two functions of simple reading nook and floating table that you can use either to open up your laptop or enjoy your meal. A simple set like this is really practical and make use of the window in the best way.

Simple Area
This simple and continues line that allows the study table and window seat. This simple lines show a modern look with simple floating shelves. This simple setting makes the study area tidy and clean.

Joyful Study
Although this study looks modern and minimalist, the yellow and lime color make the study spot more lively and cheerful. It also brings warmth and comfort to the widow sill that it looks so comfortable to study or just reading a book.

Clean Look
Although not along the window, this study nook looks like the best place to work as it gives you bright light and view if you’re bored. The white box gives you a sense of focus and the built-in bench gives you a comfortable seat to read without getting too far away from the study table.

Window Seat
This one here shows a really simple window seat with long bench and long leather cushion. With this combination, the seat looks simple and minimalist in its dark hue. With its small adjustable table, you would be able to open your book or laptop there.

Minimalist Seat
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows a really simple setting with built-in bench along the window and is added with adjustable table. However, this one here is in lighter shade compare to the previous one.

Behind the Shade
Having similar setting with the previous one, this one also puts minimalist window seats with neutral color. However, this one here might be more interesting for those who does not like too much sunshine and crave for more privacy.

Minimalist Study
This minimalist window study nook is built-in with the white cabinet near the bed platform. This continued design looks so endearing and minimalist.

Wooden Window Seat
For those who love Japanese look, this minimalist wooden living room near the window will bring many inspirations. The setting is simple yet so lovely. The window seat can easily be added with small table to help you work on your thing.

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