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study room with white wall, white patterned floor, white table with yellow cabinet, wooden chair, wooden shelves above Fresh Ideen

Study Area With White Chair, Brown Table With White Cabinet, Wall Table Lamp, Wall Notes, In Front Of The Window
Study Area With Dark Wooden Floor, Brown Table With White Cabinet, Wire Shelves, White Shelf, Table Lamp, Decorations
Study Room With White Wall, White Patterned Floor, White Table With Yellow Cabinet, Wooden Chair, Wooden Shelves Above
Study Room With White Wall, White Wooden Floor, White Chair, Brown Table With White Cabinet, In Fron Of The Window
Study Room With White Wooden Floor, White Table, Black Modern Midcentury Chair, Black Wall, Shelves, White Cabinet, Table Lamp
A Modern Study With Wooden Floor, Wooden Table Built In With Wooden Shelves Beside, White Chair
Study Area With Gry Floor, White Wall, Glass Wall, White Brown Table, Grey Chair, Blue Painted Area With Boards And Shelves, Table Lamp
Study Area With Wooden Floor, Dark Wall, Wite Table, Black Modern Midcentury Chair, Shelves On The Side, White Table Lamp, Wall Pictures
Study Room With White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Table, White Cabinet, White Metal Shelevs, Printer, Books, Binders, Decoration
A Stury With White Open Brick Wall, White Wooden Floor, Light Brown Table With White Cabinet, Brown Chair, Pictures

When we have to work from home, we would want to always focus. And for that, we have to work in a conducive working place. Then, it’s really important to have a study room that can help you get your focus. Here below are some ideas you can consider for your study room.


Bluish Accent

It’s important for a study room to always look tidy. That’s why this study room below looks so tidy with its thin and strict line. It’s not only that. The lighting for this study is perfectly well from the large glass window to its left. It means that this room is using less energy.


Built In Table

In this picture below, you can see that the study table is really pretty and interesting. Built in together as a set with the bookshelves, this table have curve sleek lines. The wooden material on the floor and the table-shelves creates mature, calm, natural, and minimalist look.


Dark Wall

While the previous ones has white and light wall, this one has dark painted wall that calm the surrounding and gives composed feeling to the room. The balancing white table and black chair gives the room not too many colors and creates collected ambiance. Exactly what you need when you work.


Black Wall

Similar to the previous one, this one also carries dark and serene feeling with its black wall. The white floor gives the room the balance it needs, as well as the table and cabinet. With white and black, the room only let undisturbed sense for you.


White Mood

If you love thin and light lines, you will love this one. With white color on the metal shelves that is built-in with the table, this one allows light feel in the room.


Minimalist White

Still with the white situation, this one study room is designed perfectly minimalist. The white wall and floor are combined perfectly. The simple and long table will give a larger space to work and to arrange your things within reach. To make the room have so accents, wall decorations are put.


In Front of the Window

Having a well lighted room is really important to boost the gusto to keep working in focus. And that’s why having your working room in a room with large glass window is the best, not to mention the glass window on the roof. With these windows, you will be able to have all the light you need, and when you’re bored, you can enjoy your view.


Plus the View

Similar to the previous one, this one also put the study room in front of the window. With enough light and beautiful view, you will feel energized in the morning, knowing that you will spend the day working here. With abundance of light, you will have quite a clear canvas of the wall that it’s not clumsy to put some notes. In fact, it gives warmth to the room.



Warm Sweet Spot

Sometimes, when you work, focus is not your top most priority to have. Sometimes it’s the comfort it can offer. If you’re the kind of person who love getting comfort for your working time, you can put some accessories and decorations like personal pictures, flowers, and memorabilia that will make your room feel welcome.


Fresh Touch

Although having a minimalist look for study room is an endearing idea, giving some fresh touch can make the room not so boring, especially if your work in the study requires strongest focus. You might want something cheerful but in muted level.

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