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study room, wooden table, wooden floor, shelves, on top and under 10x10

Study Room, Wooden Floor, Cream Wall, Wooden Table With Shelves Under The Table
Study Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Table, Brown Wooden Chair, Wooden Floating Shelves
Study Room, Black Floor, White Wall, White Long Table, White Chair, Yellow Chair, Black Table Lamp
Study Room, Brown Marble Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Table, Black Metal Chairs
Study Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table With Drawers, Silver Table Lamp, Grey Stool, Rattan Chair
Study Room, Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, Shelves, On Top And Under
Study Room, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Glass Top, Black Leather Chair
Study Room, Seamless White Floor, White Wall, Black Cabinet, White Table, Black Chair, White Stool
Study Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Accent Wall, White Wall, White Floating Cabinet, Black Leather Office Chair
Study Room,grey Floor, Grey Accent Wall, Wooden Table And Shelves, Black Metal

Decorating your study place is as important as decorating your other room in the house. With different purpose, study room should also be comfortable but without getting rid the focus you need in order to work or study. Getting the right decoration is important. If you are looking for some inspirations in decorating study rooms, you would love the inspirations below.

White and Pop
In getting focused on your work, you would probably love to create a neutral room. This one here shows you how white wall and table can be a great feature in the study room. Not only that it makes the room looks bright, it is also a neutral background that when you put something popping, it makes the combination really pretty.

Neutral Accent
This one here puts a neutral and minimalist setting in the room. The seamless floor is complementing the white table and wall. With wooden floating shelves, the room looks comfortable yet minimalist. The wooden chair is a perfect completion.

Minimalist Monochrome
This study brings in an interesting combination with monochrome mix. It can be seen from the floor, cabinet, chair or the wall. The plants put nice touches to the setting.

Modern Minimalist
This one here also decorate the room in modern look.The minimalist setting puts the room in tidy ambiance that makes it easy to see especially among the work you need to do.

Large and Airy
If you have the privilege to decorate your study room inside a large space, you are so lucky. With large space, you would be able to put everything that will support your need inside, from a large table to shelves.

Shelves Under
If you love to have clear look in front of you, a table with shelves under the top instead of on top of the table might be the best option for you. This one here shows the natural and simplicity in its line but sill supporting much more needs.

Strong Glass
Also with wooden table, this study space looks tidy and clean. The glass table top makes it hard and perfect for writing by hand. And the indented wooden part offers storage that you can see from above.

Compact Table
This one here is perfect for you who love natural look. With wooden table and shelves, this study table offers compact features with shelves, drawers and table to write.

Long and Completed
This one here puts a large table that will enable you to move freely and put your work freely on the table top. With shelves on top and under, this brings you option where you can store your things tidily.

Simple Corner
This one here is another simple study table that you might love. The simplicity brings a minimalist look that will support your focusing on work while the corner brings more space for you to put your work without keep closing and opening them.

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