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Round Cabinet In Black And Yellow With Opened Yellow Door For Table, Black Chair
Floating Wooden Study Table, White Wall, Back Chair
Floating Study Table, Black Inside, Wooden Chair, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Wooden Table With Piep Legs, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Pendants, Black Stool
Wooden Table, Angled Legs, Black Chair, Yellow Board, Floor Lamp, Flower Wallpaper
Floating Wooden Table, Black Modern Chair, Black Wall, White Wall, Grey Floor
Round Floating Cabinet In White, White Chair,
Floating Study Table, White Wall, Wooden Chair
Wooden Table, With Shelves, Drawers, Black Leather Chair, Grey Wall, Grey Floor, Grey Rug
Floating Table, Wooden Material, Prism Shape, Opened Door, Grey Wall, Black Chair, Grey Flor, Grey Floor

Study area is really important for those who take their work to home, or those who work from home. The setting of a study area should be comfortable enough without making you lose your focus on your work or study. This can be challenging when you don’t have enough space at home when you want to add some study area. However, with a really small and compact setting, this can easily be done. If you’re trying to set your own study area, here below are some interesting study areas that you will love to see.

Floating Cabinet
If you have a serious problem with space at home, you will love this round floating cabinet. With its compact design, it saves you lots of space. It looks light and easy. And the round shape makes it feel comfortable, along with he fun and warm mustard color at the front.

Round White
Similar to the previous one, this one brings a comfortable yet a crisp look that makes it feel more serious. The simplicity is the best for the small space. And the color white makes it even better to look light and easy in the eye.

Angled Table
If you like interesting look, you will love this incredible angled table below. The top is made simple with simple wooden board in yellow but the legs are made in an interesting angle that you have to put it against the wall and get stronger support.

Simple Floating Table
This one here is for those who love simpler design. This one offers a lean and simple lines on the floating table with thin line of drawers. Colored in black, this table brings in more depth to the table.

Prism Table
This one is another interesting floating table. The prism shape is uncommon and it brings a nice accent in the house. Positioned like this allows it to offer some space on top to store or display your decorations or books.

Simple square
This one here is also a simple one with a simple square floating cabinet on the wall. As the cabinet is quite tall, when the front is opened, the table is quite large. It is large enough to put some books opened. However, when you finish and close the front, the cabinet is thin and light.

Classic Study Table
Although your space is small, it does not mean that you have to go with floating table only. This one here shows how beautiful a small yet classic table can be in the room. The shelves on the table allows you to store all your work.

Industrial Table
If you want a table that can support your study as well as your dining, a high table like this one can work best. The industrial details make the table look so incredible yet simple at the same time.

Hang the Table
This floating table shows an interesting setting with hung cable on the side. The narrow and thin wood looks incredibly light. Furthermore, the back wall makes it pronounced without making it too crowded.

Crate Table
This one here shows a really interesting yet simple look for a study table. It can be done by reusing wood material that it is ecofriendly. It gives warmth to the room but still going on simple.

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